McBurney's point

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a point one third of the way along a line drawn from the hip to the umbilicus

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When the diagnosis is relatively certain, appendicectomy is recommended through a transverse incision at McBurney's point or more commonly over the point of maximal tenderness.
Rovsing's sign and McBurney's point were both negative.
He is tender to palpation in the right lower quadrant with positive rebound at McBurney's point, positive Rovsing sign, and positive Obturator sign.
The location of the vermiform appendix usually has some anatomical variations, which explains why this structure cannot always be located at the McBurney's point (3).
A transverse incision was made at McBurney's point and the appendix was visualized.
On physical examination there was tenderness in McBurney's point. Laboratory data revealed mild leukocytosis of 13,300 per [mm.sup.3].
Charles McBurney, at the Roosevelt Hospital, New York, described 'McBurney's point', the site of usual maximum tenderness in the disease, and pioneered the right iliac fossa 'muscle split' incision, still used today.
If the doctor suspects appendicitis, he will press the McBurney's point, which is two-thirds of the way between the navel and the hip-bone.