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a town in southern Texas on the Rio Grande

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As the largest carrier neutral facility in South Texas, MDC offers a strategic geographic location for interconnection because of its close proximity to Mexico, which explains the strong presence of Mexican and International carriers in McAllen, Texas.
South Texas College in McAllen, Texas, has named Margaretha Bischoff as dean of the college's liberal arts and social sciences division.
Meanwhile, Musselburgh exile Vikki Laing qualified for the final round of the Jalapeno Futures Classic at McAllen, Texas.
Delta Air Lines will launch new direct flights between Atlanta and McAllen, Texas from 16 February 2006.
Canales herself grew up in McAllen, Texas, as part of such a family that she writes about.
8 million from International Bank of McAllen, Texas.
McAllen, Texas, is located in the geographical center of Texas' Rio Grande Valley.
Border Patrol agents in McAllen, Texas, acting on a late-night tip, discovered 22 Chinese men who had been abandoned by human smugglers at a local motel.
I write to salute the parish workers in McAllen, Texas and their stand against the pastor and bishop of the Brownsville, Texas, diocese over the dismissal of four parish ministry employees (NCR, Aug.
Catholic Church sparked massive protests by parishioners in McAllen, Texas and caught the attention of labor activists throughout the nation.
Four cadets spoke with UPFRONT about the prospect of war with Iraq: Cadet Christopher Blackburn, 19, of Winchester, Kentucky; Cadet Jacob Sheehan, 18, of Eastford, Connecticut; Cadet Stephanie Hightower, 19, of Rio Rancho, New Mexico; and Cadet Jeffrey Velazquez, 19, of McAllen, Texas.
The Monitor, McAllen, Texas, is building a new, 92,000-square-foot home on 12 acres in what it describes as the city's "rapidly growing northeastern quadrant.
A teacher and studio owner in McAllen, Texas, Melba Huber has written about tap artists for fifteen years.
Insurance companies have taken a big hit covering stolen cargo and, increasingly, refuse to offer protection against robberies, says Arnoldo Trevino, an insurance agent in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, a city across the border from McAllen, Texas.