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slender insect with delicate membranous wings having an aquatic larval stage and terrestrial adult stage usually lasting less than two days

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A long-running study in Wales, led by Cardiff University, shows that Mayflies have recovered in 60% of streams monitored; good news for birds such as Dipper and Grey Wagtail.
Mayflies disappeared from a 70-mile area south of the Twin Cities in the 1920s and didn't reappear in significant numbers again until 1978, when wastewater treatment and others actions taken under the Clean Water Act began to have an impact.
In The Biology of Mayflies, with a Systematic Account of North American Species.
But the equipment used is simpler and cheaper, mayflies are far hardier than fish fry, requiring less care and maintenance, and they have a shorter growing and hatching period.
Phoresy in adult mayflies has never before been recorded.
Bauernfeind (zoology, The Natural History Museum of Vienna) and Soldan (ecology of aquatic insects, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) present an overview of the present state of research on mayflies described or recorded from Europe in as unbiased a manner as their own personal views allow.
For rivers in or near major urban centres, the study noted the return of insects such as mayflies and stoneflies, which prefer healthy, oxygen-rich waters, as well as a 20 per cent average increase of river invertebrates.
A thousand mayflies that had died overnight waved at me
Worried about Graham's hasty nuptials to his green card bride, he bleated: "There are mayflies that have courted longer.
Along with the Venice Biennale, the joy of the temporary underpins this issue, with Carmody Groarke's restaurant (page 50) and Studio Anne Holtrop's gallery (page 76), a pair of architectural mayflies that embody the ebullient spirit of summer and the increasing impermanence of our times.
Shauna Roberts's new novel, Like Mayflies in a Stream, is an imaginative elaboration on the Epic of Gilgamesh.
The AuSable's waters, clean and pure, were flowing past, not yet with any sign of the hex fly floating on top, although lesser mayflies and caddis flies were beginning to appear.
When mayflies hatch on the big Irish loughs is a grand time to try out fishing in the Emerald Isle.
Although Mayfly is the common name of ephemeroptera, chaoboridae and chironomidae are referred to as mayflies by the villagers simply because of their spectacular characteristic month of May emergence.
Once they zero in on the mayflies, only imitative dry flies will do.