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the girl chosen queen of a May Day festival

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June Senior, May Queen at St Joseph's in Huddersfield in 1939
I learned later that the Hobart Ports Corporation, which had carried out some restoration work, had passed ownership to the May Queen Trust.
The annual May Queen pageant held by the Young Goans Club has set a benchmark for providing opportunities for local talents from all communities and honing the skills of young and aspiring models who have a penchant for culture, tradition and the fashion industry," said club vice president Godwin D'Cruz.
The Goan Welfare Association (GWA) - Qatar will organise the 13th Annual May Queen Ball, a dinner-and-dance event, at Radisson Blu Hotel on May 9.
Mayday had a surreal feel to it, from the first shots of our victim cycling through the small town to become its May Queen, while others covered themselves in green paint, bushes and ivy as part of some ancient ritual.
But when the May Queen - 14-year-old Hattie Sutton- disappears, the news sends shockwaves through the town.
The elders, under Lady Billows (projected with a Broadway belt by Nancy Gustafson, the company's manager), reject every girl in town as unworthy to be May Queen and instead elevate the inhibited young greengrocer, Albert Herring, to be King.
The last carnival in Flint is believed to have taken place just a few years later, in the 1950s, but the tradition is due to be revived this August Chaingang, part of the Prestatyn carnival celebration in the 1970s l-r Violet Dobson, Hughie Morris, Albert Dow and Winefred Parry Alderman Robert Owen mayor of Bangor 1964-1966 at the Maesgeirchen Carnival Llandudno May Queen from the late 1940s or early 1950s.
WICHITA-It is spring, and time to crown a May Queen for the annual celebration.
John Ruskin's well-known involvement with the Whitelands College May Queen festival is given its own chapter, and she shows that this was not the only source, but rather one of many tributaries.
There was the crowning of Cardiff's first May Queen and
Townsend plays a May reueller and serves the May queen, the fertile virgin who will lead the maypole dance.
There are ten different varieties - five apples: Gladstone, Worcester pearmain, Lord Hindlip, hanwell souring and may queen, two pears: Worcester black pear and pitmaston duchess, two plums: yellow Pershore and grove's late Victoria and a cherry: seabright.
A key part of the festival, which marks the arrival of May and includes a fire at midnight, is a toast to the May Queen.