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any of various large European beetles destructive to vegetation as both larvae and adult

any of various large usually brown North American leaf-eating beetles common in late spring

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Daring Spitfire pilots used the wings of their fighters to flip the doodlebugs on Hitler's orders, the V-1 flying bomb, above and right, was known briefly in Germany as Maikafer (May bug) and Krahe (crow) Devastation caused by a V-1 flying bomb in London in 1944
Hitler saw the May Bug at a car show in 1933 and made sketches, and within days of the meeting between them in 1935, Ganz's car magazine was shut down and he was in trouble with the Gestapo.
The cockchafer is known colloquially as the May bug or May beetle because, you've guessed it, it tends to appear in May.
Also known as the May bug, this large,one inch long and thick-as-your-thumbbeetle, worries a great many people and yet is quite harmless to humans, but is a pest in other ways.
It may bug budding tacticians, but for most gamers this newly streamlined interface will be a welcome addition.Madden remains the premier franchise for American football fans and balances authenticity with action better than ever.
A close-up of a cockchafer, or May bug, earned 50-year old ecologist Dean Heward, from Derwent Valley in Gateshead, the Wildlife Image of the Year award.
The wildlife image of the year award went to ecologist Dean Heward, who lives in the Derwent Valley in Gateshead for his photograph of a cockchafer, or May bug.
And I have learned it with the help of an insect called the May Bug.
Memories of rat-a-tatty May bugs. Of midges, gnats and moth storms.
All this led me to discover some 35 years ago that June bugs (also called May bugs in more southern parts because that's when they become active there) serve a purpose greater than just buzzing lit windows and porch lights.