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British, anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth

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Chisholm Sr, 49, from Sunderland, denies wounding with intent and violent disorder on May 24, 2007.
Robert Anderson was left with wounds to his arm, chest, hands and legs after the frenzied attack on May 24, 2007.
On May 24, 2007, the Optional Federal Charter legislation was reintroduced as Senate Bill 40.
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May 24, 2007: Yes on a $100 billion war funding bill with no provision for a troop withdrawal
2206 as Considered by the House of Representatives on May 24, 2007 (JCX-29-07), May 24, 2007.
In May 24, 2007, he joined only 13 other Senators to oppose $94.4 billion in supplemental funding for Iraq and for Afghanistan," Schunemann said.
On May 24, 2007, Street announced that WP had approved EarthLink's 15-square-mile POC test area, which was up and running in North Philadelphia.
Geri Ellen Kahn, Miami Admitted 2005; Died May 24, 2007
On May 24, 2007 a Muslim cleric, Sheikh Al-Hiran apparently from the Palest= inian Authority, released a fatwa (religious ruling) permitting the killing= of members of the Hamas terrorist organization.
Age at disappearance: 17 Phuong has been missing from Birmingham since May 24, 2007. She has not been seen since.
On May 24, 2007 Naviscan filed suit against Dilon in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California for possible patent infringement of six United States patents directed to technology for detecting breast cancer.
Since the impact of the project on the performance of Urban Corporation for this fiscal year is minimal, there will be no changes in the company's business forecasts announced on May 24, 2007.
On May 24, 2007, the National Assembly introduced certain amendments to its Standing Orders for the duration of the 38th Legislature.
Sources: "Plans for New Chinatown on Outskirts of Berlin" by Imke Hendrich, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (May 24, 2007).