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observed in many countries to celebrate the coming of spring

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Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company, May 1, Campbell Hall, University of California, 805/893-3534
(On May 10 a loan was also outstanding to Madison National Bank of Virginia, an affiliate, in the amount of $16 million.) Until May 1, the bank had not been found to be insolvent by the primary regulator, and efforts were under way by new management to restructure the bank and to attract new capital.
Asked to comment on how he would view such an aircraft, Hubschman said he had not formed an opinion: "I have no thoughts...I want to see what they have." He stressed that with any aircraft, "commonality is very important if you're going to make several versions." He also pointed out that as an operating lessor, his primary concern is that an airplane have broad market appeal: "The best market is narrowbodies," and the larger an aircraft becomes, "the narrower the market becomes." May 1, 2006
May 1: Workshop: Leadership coaching in the workplace with Timothy Bentley; Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; 416.964.1133
May 1.9--Klemmer's Banquet Center, West Allis, Wisconsin; Old Timers and Apprentice' Night.