Maxwell's equations

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four differential equations that summarize classical properties of electromagnetic fields

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In the processing part, a set of Maxwell's equations is solved and the magnetic field distribution will be calculated.
Weedom, "A 3-D perfectly matched medium from modified Maxwell's equations with stretched coordinates", Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol.
2]-regularity of the solution of Maxwell's equations has been considered, for example, by Nkemzi [11-14].
MONK, Finite Element Methods for Maxwell's Equations, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2003.
This is often the case for fields created by TLs because of the fact that the field changes so slowly in time that Maxwell's equations are altered into the electro-static and magneto-static equations.
In addition to the extensive workshops, tutorials, experiments and demonstrations, technical paper presentations, and a commercial product exhibition, this year's gathering will highlight the 150th anniversary of Maxwell's equations.
Maxwell's Equations govern the behavior of electricity and magnetism under all conditions.
We were able to derive coupled (integro-) differential equations for the normal, common and antenna modes from Maxwell's equations without introducing any approximation.
The final chapter presents the full set of Maxwell's equations with the inferred theory of electromagnetic waves.
It might be argued that Maxwell's equations are "unified electromagnetic theory".
The WCIP is an integral method based on waves' concept that solves Maxwell's equations in enclosed waveguide [17].
From the linearity of Maxwell's equations, the total field can be decomposed into the incident field [E.
These are actually based on the solution of Maxwell's equations pertinent to the geometry under consideration.
As the Maxwell's equations can be treated as a Hamiltonian system, some researchers adopted symplectic integrators for use in computational electromagnetics (CEM) in recent years.
Adding this conjecture to what was already known about electricity and magnetism, Maxwell produced his now-famous system of equations called Maxwell's equations.