Maxwell's equations

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four differential equations that summarize classical properties of electromagnetic fields

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MONK, Finite Element Methods for Maxwell's Equations, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2003.
The general equation for fluid motion, the Navier-Stokes equation, is similar to Maxwell's equations and can be used to derive a wave equation for sound that parallels the wave equation for light.
As described by Schiff [1] among others, Maxwell's equations are used as a guideline for proper interpretation of conventional quantum electrodynamical theory.
The macroscopic Maxwell's equations in materials are formed by averaging the microscopic equations over a unit cell.
The basis equations describing the time variables of electromagnetic fields during induction heating process can be derived from classical Maxwell's equations (Langer, 1979).
College-level and advanced electromagnetism courses and electrical engineers alike will find Maxwell's Equations and the Principles of Electromagnetism an excellent introduction to Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic waves.
Maxwell's equations are converted to central difference equations, and solved directly in the time domain.
HFSS is a general electromagnetic simulation software package and based on Maxwell's equations and FEM.
8:40 Solution of Maxwell's Equations on Boundary-fitted Grids Using a
The mechanism of energy transfer had often been sought using Maxwell's Equations (ME) and electromagnetic waves but the method has problems: The electron has spherical symmetry but MEs have no wave solutions in spherical coordinates.
Particular examples are the study of Maxwell's equations for sinusoidal electric and magnetic fields (see eqn.
Shortly thereafter, in 1905, Einstein developed his theory of relativity which demonstrated that the concept of an aether was logically inconsistent with Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism.
Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil) explain electromagnetic analysis based on Maxwell's equations and application, drawing mostly on the findings of their research group GRUCAD.
Using (3) and comparing with the covariant form of Maxwell's equations [14, see pp.
Rather controversially, the author claims that Russell's logical atomism does not involve ontological reduction to known epistemic entities, but retains the structures (for example, logical forms) given by the laws of the traditional ontological framework (just as Maxwell's equations for electromagnetic waves in the aether are retained by Einstein's no aether-theory of relativity).