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Synonyms for maverick

Synonyms for maverick

someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action


an unbranded range animal (especially a stray calf)

Related Words

independent in behavior or thought

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The fact that Mavrick had a history of safety violations dating back to 1992 didn't help its cause, nor did the $360,000 fine levied by the state labor department after the accident, when it ruled Kristi Fries was not properly trained.
The result is that the physical trauma Kristi Fries suffered, and the legal assertion Mavrick knowingly let her operate an unsafe machine, may strike a blow against the workers' compensation system.
For businesses to avoid a duplication of the Mavrick incident, a structured safety process that starts with supervisor training needs to be a top priority.
This was the problem when the Mavrick employee told his supervisor about an unsafe machine and nothing was done about it.
That will give the local owner more flexibility, Mavrick said.
Mavrick also said that several large competitors, such as RSC Equipment Rental and United Rentals, are owned by private equity firms.
When there's a lot of financial players in the market, you begin to wonder about their futures," Mavrick said.
About 16 percent of Volvo Rents' customers do 90 percent of the business, Mavrick said.
Volvo has aggressive plans to add 10 to 20 franchises a year in North America, Mavrick said.
That number is expected to be 50 percent in 2010, Mavrick said.
The renting trend began in 1982, with the repeal of a tax law that allowed contractors to use capital equipment as a tax shelter, Mavrick said.