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German arms manufacturer and inventor of a repeating rifle and pistol (1838-1914)

trademark for a repeating rifle or pistol

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Mauser doesn't blame filmmaker Moore for aiming the spotlight on Littleton.
After the death of his son Daniel, Mr Mauser took a leave of absence from his job at the Colorado Department of Transportation.
Mauser and Miller 1994) reported that home health users were commonly eligible for Medicaid, particularly those who received more than 200 home visits.
During the past few years, MAUSER has initiated a "buy-and-build" growth strategy that has extended the company's international reach and tripled its sales volume.
71's case head and rim, 11x58R Spanish ammunition could not be fired in the Mauser rifles.
2 billion, MAUSER manufactures and supplies plastic and steel drums and intermediate bulk containers ("IBCs") for the chemical, industrial and food and beverage industries, among others.
Until the advent of detachable magazines issued fully loaded with ammunition, the Mauser charger remained the most efficient, flexible, cost effective means of loading a bolt-action magazine rifle.
MAUSER Group CEO, Hans-Peter Schaefer, commented: "On the behalf of our entire management I would like to thank DIC for supporting MAUSER through what was an incredibly successful period of growth for the business.
Chris Mauser of Genesis Flight Academy said, Enhancements to the airport in any level, translates and trickles down to having a safer environment to us fly in and to teach flying.
30 Mauser, maybe with a Chinese headstamp to aid in misidentification.
FDL Packaging Group, of Haydock, Merseyside is poised to embark upon its fourth year as the official UK distributor for the range of steel drums and premium bespoke litho-printed drums from Mauser, one of the world's leading packaging manufacturers.
It all started with an 1895 Chilean Mauser in 7mm that my dad got for me from a mail order company back in 1996.
The Czech VZ24, a large-ring 8x57mm Mauser variant rifle, had a knife bayonet with a blade of 11.
Advanced Technology has expanded its line of after market camouflage stocks to include models for the SKS, Mauser 98 and Mosin Nagant rifles.
30 caliber Mauser semi-automatic handgun sequestered behind the counter.