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French writer best known for his biographies (1885-1967)

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We can find in this collection for example: The German Woman by Rene Jouglet, The English Woman by Andre Maurois, The Japanese Woman by Titayna and The Russian woman by Georges Imann.
Land of a Million Wishes: Andre Maurois, The Land of a Million Wishes, 1928
Andre Maurois pointed out when writing about Borges that the roads and corridors clearly represent the process of human thought.
Whilst figures such as Jean Cocteau (1953, 1954, 1957) and Marcel Pagnol (1955) were both writers and film makers, others including Jules Romains (1949), Jean Giono (1961) and Andre Maurois (1951, 1957) had no involvement in filmmaking and were selected purely due to their status as academiciens.
As Andre Maurois observed, Napoleon "believed in equality and did not believe in liberty.
In literature as in love, we are astonished at what is chosen by others" - Andre Maurois, novelist and biographer.
Andre Maurois, Byron (London: Jonathan Cape, 1930); Leslie Alexis Marchand, Byron: A Biography (London: John Murray, 1957); Leslie Alexis Marchand, ed.
Francois Maurois claimed that her talent bursts forth on every page.
His real name was Antonio Francisco Lisboa; he was called the "sublime little one" by Mario de Andrade and "the mulatto El Greco" by Andre Maurois.
Quoted in Andre' Maurois, Disraeli, A Picture of the Victorian Age (London, 1962), p.
The concilium of the Spanish, German and English biographers of Byron had diagnosed his complexes and neurotic states, anticipating the post-Freudian voices of liberated modernity such as Bigland, Maurois, or Raphael, who would openly name incest trauma or Byron's possible homosexuality among numerous other aspects of his psyche.
Contractor address : ZAE Pierre Levee avenue Andre Maurois
Andre Maurois says that the gothic arches of Proust's first volume rise above the whole and descend gracefully into the final volume (176).
FRENCH holidaymaker Charles Maurois, 71, was sunbathing in Lins, Brazil, when tragedy struck from the heavens above.
His real name was Antonio Francisco Lisboa; he was called the "sublime little one" by Marlo de Andrade and "the mulatto El Greco" by Andre Maurois.