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the date on which an obligation must be repaid

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Industrial Services of America Inc (NASDAQ:IDSA) disclosed on Thursday that it extended some of its debt maturity dates.
However, Fitch believes transactions with legal final maturity dates of all the notes after 2035 have much reduced maturity risk, as the IBR loans are expected to be forgiven starting in 2034; therefore, increases in IBR increase or other loan term extension will have limited impact on bond payoff by their maturity dates.
The maturity dates will be April 25, 2012 and January 15, 2020, respectively.
"Although redemptions before the maturity date are not permitted, the CDs are transferrable between the eligible investors and CDs will be redeemed on the maturity date at par value along with the accrued interest.", added AbdulRazak.
Second, the notes had no fixed maturity date or fixed obligation to repay.
In the past year, loans in Income Based Repayment plans have increased, and the weighted average remaining term of the loans has decreased slowly, causing the bonds to be paid in full within the year of the legal final maturity date of October 25, 2033 in Fitch's 'AAAsf' through 'AAsf' stress scenarios.
DealVector's all-to-all bondholder communication network brought issuers and investors to the structured credit market to extend maturity dates.
The notes' ratings may be negatively affected by an increase in the magnitude of mortgage cash flows scheduled to be received beyond the notes' legal final maturity dates. The notes' ratings could be positively affected by a reduction in the magnitude of mortgage cash flows scheduled to be received beyond the notes' legal final maturity dates.
As interest rates remain low and conduit issuance remains robust, Fitch expects ten-year loans maturing over the next year to continue to pay off at or near their maturity dates.
The Treasury also announced on Friday that it would hold five auctions next week with maturity dates varying between 11 months to 10 years.
For an accrual bond, the Wizard displays how much interest has been earned over the bond's life, and offers yield-to-date interest information and the bond's next accrual and final maturity dates. For a current income bond, the Wizard shows the current interest rate, the bond's next payment and final maturity dates, and allows a user to enter the amount of interest deferred from other bonds applied to the purchase of the current income bond.
The ratings of Lusitano 1 and 2's class E notes and Lusitano 3's class D notes are negatively affected by the presence of loans within the pools that have maturity dates beyond the legal final maturity dates of the rated notes.
Dyadic International Inc (OTC Pink: DYAI), a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development, manufacture and sale of enzyme and protein products, announced on Friday that it has entered into agreements with all of its outstanding promissory note holders to extend the maturity dates of the notes to 1 January, 2015.
The move stems from the agency's review on the extension of the expected maturity dates for the two series in the master trust as well as from its unstable performance.
The moral of the story is that maturity dates should be watched closely when reporting a gain on the installment method.