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a member of the Athapaskan people living in northwestern California

the Athapaskan language spoken by the Mattole

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Just south of Cape Mendocino, at our sampling sites at Mattole Road and Shelter Cove, there are substantial numbers of a second genotype more common in the central coast.
For more information, call the Mattole Forest Defenders at (5707) 441-3828, or visit the web site at www.
Access to the Mattole River Beach is by Highway 101.
Against these encroachments and insults, a small band of preservationists struggles to save the Mattole run.
The headwaters of the Mattole begin among stands of ancient coastal redwood and flow through Douglas-fir/hardwood forests before emptying into the Pacific Ocean near Petrolia, California.
A chapter-length case study of changing practices of resource management in the Mattole River valley area of northern California in the early 1990s illustrates these concepts.
Mills visits five exemplary sites: Aldo Leopold's farm in Wisconsin, where modern land-restoration theory was first conceived; the University of Wisconsin arboretum, where many of Leopold's notions were tried out and expanded; remnants of prairie near Chicago, where prairie ecosystems are being carefully regenerated in the midst of unlikely suburban surroundings; the Mattole River Valley in Northern California, where a community struggles to restore salmon to the river and wholeness to itself; and a religious settlement in southern India attempting to return "worthless," barren, grossly overused land to viability.
The region is called the Mattole Valley, after the river that runs through it, and is the locus of a complex debate over the relationship between the logging industry and salmon fisheries.
Mattole Salmon Group - Upper Mattole River Parkway Phase II - $721,700
Just around southern Humboldt, as David pointed out, Grateful Dead money went to the Mattole Salmon Group, Human Nature the Institute for Sustainable Forestry, the Garberville Senior Center.
Up here in Humboldt County in Northern California, the river goes up very fast in the small Mattole watershed.