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Matthiola incana, commonly called Stock, has large, showy and richly fragrant flower spikes, which come in a fine mixture of colors
Structure and ecology: On volcanic rocky cliff, in an almost total absence of soil, grows a sub-halophilous vegetation characterized by dominance of Matthiola incana subsp.
Raylessness at the beginning of secondary growth, yielding to development of rays thereafter, was observed in the brassicaceous species Cheiranlhus mutabilis, Lepidium fremontii, Matthiola maderensis Lowe, Parolinia ornata, Sinapidendron sp.
Semeniuk [30] on Matthiola incana plants showed that fertilizers had positive effectiveness on speed of germination.
MATERIALS AND METHODS--We used the dichotomous key in the most recent monograph of the genus Matthiola to tentatively identify our unknown plants as M.
We have Matthiola, Nicotiana, Stocks, Swan River Daisy, Sweet Sultan, Sweet William and Wallflowers.
Among my favourites are Nigella (love in a mist), Matthiola (stock), Zinnia, Cosmos and Scabiosa.
Ccahua, Cashacerraja Taraxacum officinale L * Diente de leon, Taraxaco Brassicaceae Matthiola incana (L.
harra by Hashem and Saleh (1999), and from the genera Brassica, Cheiranthus, Farsetia, Hesperis, Iberis, Matthiola and Vesicaria.
In fact, no sooner had Mendel's Laws been 'rediscovered' in 1900 than the first exception to the second law, that of independent assortment, was reported in 1901 by William Bateson (1861-1926): this was in the plant Matthiola, where his collaborator, Edith Saunders (1865-1945), reported a significant deviation from Mendel's second principle, for which phenomenon she proposed an erroneous hypothesis soon abandoned (Bateson et al.
Muchos de los generos de esta familia se cultivan como plantas ornamentales tales como Matthiola sp.
Length (bp) Gene (1) Aethionema grandiflora AF249000 424 Chs Arabidopsis griffitihana AF248989 1184 Chs Arabidopsis halleri AF248986 575 Chs Arabidopsis lyrata AF248987 605 Chs Arabidopsis thaliana AF248988 581 Chs Arabis alpina AF248995 632 Chs Arabis jacquinii AF248994 616 Chs Arabis pauciflora AF248988 485 Chs Arabis turrita AF248996 547 Chs Barbarea vulgaris AF249991 483 Chs Cardamine amara AF248993 476 Chs Cochlearia excelsa AF248999 468 Chs Gentiana triflora AB005484 1162 Chs Ginkgo biloba EF091691 871 Chs Lepidium campestre AF248990 513 Chs Matthiola incana AF248997 479 Chs Nicotiana tabacum FJ655994 529 Chs Petunia hybrida EF199747 550 ChsA Phaseolus vulgaris AY268022 1453 Chs8 Pinus radiata AF337656 1055 Chs1 Pisum sativum AF060238.
The earliest known herbarium specimens collected by Darwin are three plants of the species Matthiola sinuata that Henslow collated with a single specimen collected by a Miss Blake.
Cuphea Cuphea Gazania Gazania Geranium Pelargonium Gomphrena, globe amaranth Gomphrena Gypsophila Gypsophila Impatiens, New Guinea Impatiens x hawkeri Pentas Pentas lanceolata Salvia, mealy-cup Salvia Snapdragons Antirrhinum Stock Matthiola incana Medium tall Carnation Dianthus (18-24 in.