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a mountain in the Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy (14,780 feet high)

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Address : Matterhorn Gotthard Bahneinkauf Und Materialwirtschaft, Zu Hdn.
Jacques said: "We will be staying in Chamonix where most of our trip will be spent acclimatising to the altitude and practising the techniques that will be required on the Matterhorn.
After a year we became good mates and I assisted in trying to provide him with opportunities in adventure further afield in Switzerland where we climbed the Eiger and more recently attempted the Matterhorn.
The group will be climbing Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, before ascending The Matterhorn immediately after.
The Matterhorn is not an easy mountain, it's really challenging for an able-bodied person.
About 49 percent of businesses in the research did not have a website; it is difficult to run a successful business when there in almost no marketing happening," said David Howse, President of Matterhorn Business Solutions and author of the report.
Caption: Shown in one of two colors, Matterhorn Building Stone (top) is the latest Arriscraft series addition.
The bones were found in September at the foot of the Matterhorn glacier at an altitude of about 9,200 feet, Valais Canton police said in a news release.
The term may have gained currency with tours of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, but the huge influx of visitors to the remote Swiss village of Zermatt from 1865 was a direct response to the tragedy that had unfolded on the slopes of the Matterhorn on 13-14 July of that year.
But most importantly this is a chance to get a glimpse of the incredible Matterhorn - one of the highest peaks in the Alps and widely known as the most photographed mountain in the world
00 Lake Maggiore and the Matterhorn Flying direct from Durham Tees Valley Departs 22 June 2014 Join us for a picture-postcard-perfect holiday on one of the most beautiful of all Italian lakes, including a day in the Swiss resort of Zermatt and an excursion to the beautiful offshore Borromean Isles.
Until the mid-19th century, it was predominantly an agricultural community but the first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865 was followed by a rush to the mountains leading to the construction of many tourist facilities.
Opencast Matterhorn project where she also serves as a board member.
FROM a blizzard-swept Matterhorn to a tender moment between Barack and Michelle Obama - these are some of the snaps that have hit the heights over the past 12 months.
The services of a Tour Manager Lake Maggiore and the Matterhorn Flying direct from Cardiff Departs 21 September 2013 Join us for a picture-postcard-perfect holiday on the shores of one of the most beautiful of all Italian lakes, including a day in the Swiss resort of Zermatt, beneath the famous Matterhorn, and an excursion to the trio of beautiful offshore Borromean Isles.