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Synonyms for formula

Synonyms for formula

a means or method of entering into or achieving something desirable

Synonyms for formula

a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement

directions for making something


a conventionalized statement expressing some fundamental principle

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a representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements

something regarded as a normative example

a liquid food for infants

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(mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems

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The development of all proposed storm water utility charges must be documented in detail by written description, as well as, the mathematical formula used.
The small reference provides essential mathematical formulas, concepts, and definitions for students, engineers, scientists who use such tools not quite often enough to memorize them.
The widespread availability and low price of scientific calculators have greatly reduced the need for the many numerical tables that once made handbooks so bulky, says Kadry, but few calculators give integrals, derivatives, series, and other mathematical formulas and figures that are often needed.
1] Economists are great at using wonderful looking graphs, making analysis from obscure esoteric mathematical formulas, finding correlations and calling them cause and effect, and generally trying to convince everyone else that they know what they are doing.
These 'user friendly' lists about people, dates, mathematical formulas, word origins, etc.
Though not identical, this particular picture reminded me of some of the work of Maurice Cotterell and how through mathematical formulas he has been able to theoretically decode some of these ancient hieroglyphs.
Bartusiak's survey of the history of astronomy combines facts about heavenly bodies with schematic drawings and mathematical formulas.
Many Emerging Infectious Diseases readers are likely to find this book overly technical, containing many mathematical formulas, mathematical notations, and complex graphs.
Each chapter provides relatively detailed descriptions, some including detailed mathematical formulas for analyzing data.
Einstein ``played as he lived, quietly and serenely, with the precision of his mathematical formulas.
Offering intuitive visual displays, the P-400 can apply mathematical formulas to measurement data from up to 16 output channels for on-the-spot analysis.
The basic mathematical formulas for calculating such things as longitude are described with examples.
Roberts' analytical style and ease with numbers was necessary in her first job after college at Bear Stearns, where she helped develop mathematical formulas and computer software used to track securities.
One thing the data generated might do is serve as a basis for mathematical formulas to aid reservoir managers in estimating the amount of rock and sediment carried into reservoirs after thunderstorms.
The book will provide mathematical formulas, references to proofs, references to extensions and generalizations, graphs, brief descriptions of computational methods, a survey of useful published tables, and sample applications.
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