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Synonyms for materialism

a desire for wealth and material possessions with little interest in ethical or spiritual matters


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(philosophy) the philosophical theory that matter is the only reality

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And it's free -- materialists love tools that do not cost money," Ozimek added.
The tacit assumption among most materialists--one shared by most of their critics--has been that more basic biological phenomena, such as metabolism and reproduction, do not pose a serious obstacle to the materialist program, that these can be easily accommodated within a materialist framework.
It should be made the basis for inviting tenders for technical subjects and make materialists as the basis of cheap supply of building materials.
In contrast, the materialists believe that law is law only if it is certain.
On the one hand, materialists say, mind is a material or physical process, a product of brain functioning.
Contemporary materialists are a bit like that with respect to Rene Descartes, the father of modern philosophy and one of the fathers of modern science.
McCarthy's idealists and the materialists are both always frustrated, never achieving their ends.
It's his contention that these four post-structuralists are also materialists and that they enable us to distinguish in Marx what he uncritically inherits from Hegelian idealism and his own materialist breakthroughs.
Hegemony is not, as the materialists would have it, simply an epiphenomenon of a lopsided distribution of power, but rather a social position given to a leader by its followers.
In short, new materialists claim it is essential for feminists to develop theories about our relationship to matter and the nonhuman world and to initiate a dialogue with the sciences and ecology (Hird).
Moreover, they have such demanding standards for these other aspects of life that they're less satisfied than materialists (Ms) in the same society.
Looking at the local water quality measure, more than half of materialists rated the problem as either very serious or somewhat serious.
South Shields' woollen wonders, The Materialists, brought their acclaimed display of knitting back home.
It seems therefore reasonable to take this premise of the argument to be a substantive thesis, one according to which intentional properties cannot be basic properties of the brain or of any of its parts (and materialists acknowledge this).
Rand derides materialists as "mystics of the muscle.