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Synonyms for rummy

Synonyms for rummy

a card game based on collecting sets and sequences

beyond or deviating from the usual or expected

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We provide a novel distributed non-substitution matching scheme for matching game instead of classic substitution scheme.
In this section, we give a brief review of the related works on cooperative communication and some related applications of matching game theory in wireless networks.
Matching game theory has recently attracted a lot of attention in wireless networks, such as cell association [18-21] and cooperative spectrum sharing [22, 23].
Definition 1 [25]: A two-sided matching game is defined by two sets of players (M,N) and two preference relations [?
In the matching game theory, such problems are defined as peer effects [13].
There is a need to develop new algorithms that significantly differ from existing applications of matching theory in wireless such as [18-23], so as to find the solutions of the studied many-to-one matching game.
Matching Game for Aggregate Throughput Optimization
For the application of matching game in wireless network models, the classic DA algorithm [12] has been adopted or improved to solve selection problems in some literatures [18, 20, 26].
Matching Game for Fairness Optimization and Non-Substitution Model
In the classic matching game model, two-sided players will only strictly accept the best strategies for their own, the trait of which is alternative.
We define this situation as non-substitution preference of matching game model.
For fairness optimization, we pointed out that the conventional models of matching game are alternative models and not suitable for some practical network systems.