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Synonyms for rummy

Synonyms for rummy

a card game based on collecting sets and sequences

beyond or deviating from the usual or expected

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100 Things currently has a photo book series for one to three year olds that includes the widely popular 100 Diggers and Excavators, and matching games for two to four year olds.
I tried a number of methods before settling on one that had a high rate of success: the matching game.
The Let's Go Chipper Matching game is colorful and engaging for children featuring nature-inspired illustrations, character voice over, and eco-educational messages during app play.
This matching game teaches children about black inventors and their contributions to everyday life.
The matching game gets harder with the first and second great quakes, however, because they involved an unknown combination of perhaps six other faults.
The game, played after each score change during the Super Bowl, offers the first 500 consumers with matching game pieces to call a toll-free number and win a Coors football.
Live Game Show--a fast-paced and interactive matching game, featuring a dazzling 84-square foot big screen display.
Pastel colored wild animal images are taken from Shutterstock, and the ending pages contain a matching game for all 26 letters and animal pictures.
No one has ever built an online jewel matching game where players play against their opponent on the same board at the same time.
Level One is where the matching game starts, by asking the player to find the seven components in the simple telescope that match with those in the Webb telescope.
To make the cards for your matching game, divide a piece of construction paper into 2-inch-by-3-inch rectangles.
Live Game Show, a fast-paced and interactive matching game, featuring a sensory-dazzling 84-square foot big screen display.
Cradle Of Rome is a tile matching game - matching three or more similar tiles removes them from the play area.
Other Spiraling Hearts games are "Sun Salutation," "Chakra Energy," and "Yoga Matching Game.
And the storybook includes several games, including a matching game using mah-jongg tiles similar to the longtime shareware program Shanghai.