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Synonyms for rummy

Synonyms for rummy

a card game based on collecting sets and sequences

beyond or deviating from the usual or expected

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We provide a novel distributed non-substitution matching scheme for matching game instead of classic substitution scheme.
The first time a student is introduced to the matching game, he or she often times expresses concern that the commands are unfamiliar or matching them with the correct keystroke is impossible.
There are quite a few matching game scores for "mid-level" scores in the 40-60 range.
Pastel colored wild animal images are taken from Shutterstock, and the ending pages contain a matching game for all 26 letters and animal pictures.
The candy matching game, which has been downloaded for more than 500 million times, is currently the most popular game on Facebook and continues to be one of the top grossing apps on iOS and Android.
Matching Game with Let's Go Chipper is a new spin on the timeless favorite board game referred to as Memory, Matching or Concentration.
Live Game Show--a fast-paced and interactive matching game, featuring a dazzling 84-square foot big screen display.
Level One is where the matching game starts, by asking the player to find the seven components in the simple telescope that match with those in the Webb telescope.
Cradle Of Rome is a tile matching game - matching three or more similar tiles removes them from the play area.
And the storybook includes several games, including a matching game using mah-jongg tiles similar to the longtime shareware program Shanghai.
Live Game Show, a fast-paced and interactive matching game, featuring a sensory-dazzling 84-square foot big screen display.
For beginner Objective-C programmers, this guide explains mobile game development for iOS and includes five game projects for a memory matching game, puzzle game, coloring book, game of pong, and owhack-a-moleo game.
From a page of black bear stickers, to a board game based on the life cycle of a black bear, to a matching game of famous bears in popular culture, to a simple crossword puzzle of bear words and much more, Discovering Black Bears offers a hands-on learning experience.
The characters from the popular ``Guess How Much I Love You'' picture book by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram are now featured in a pantomime and matching game by Millburn, N.
DVD Bonus Features include: Barney's Jukebox, Count with Barney, Peek-A-Boo Matching Game and DVD-ROM Fun.