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a master's degree in theology


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Kristine Suna, having earned both a Bachelor of Theololgy and a Master of Theology in Riga, and having studied for a year at the Oxford University, she has been serving since 1997 as pastor of the Latvian congregation in Philadelphia.
Master of Theology Geraldine Anne Blyth Colin Butler Stephen Hancock Jane Rosalind Parker Helen Rose Roach Susan Waterston Duncan Weaver
In 1984, he received a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theology Seminary.
Fishacre's Commentary was probably produced when he was already a master of theology, contrary to the subsequent medieval practice whereby such commentaries were produced by bachelors of theology, and was the first commentary on the Sentences at Oxford.
Meador holds a Bachelor of science in electrical engineering technology from Murray State University, and a Master of theology from Southern Methodist University.
He received his Master of Theology and doctorate degrees at Harvard University and became a teaching fellow there.
The United Church of Zambia pastor smiles broadly when she talks about juggling all the responsibilities that come with her calling, while at the same time grappling with the big theological questions that arise when you are a graduate student in a Master of Theology in Ecumenical Studies programme.
Under this arrangement students for the master of theology in African Christianity degree spent their first semester in South Africa and the second in Ghana, with Kwame and Gillian Bediako teaching in both places.
Educated at Cardiff High School and Atlantic College, he graduated from the University of St Andrews as a master of theology in 1976.
A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, where he received both his Master of Theology and Doctorate of Ministry degrees, Dr.
In 1966 the South East Asia Graduate School of Theology (SEAGST) was established by ATESEA as a consortium for advanced theological studies leading to the Master of Theology (M.
Austin University, and led him to Dallas Theological Seminary where he received both his Master of Theology and his Doctor of Ministry degrees.
An integral part of EST, the Ecumenical Institute of Post-Graduation (IEPG) created the master of theology program in 1981 and the doctor of theology program in 1990.
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