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a shot in billiards made by hitting the cue ball with the cue held nearly vertically

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The moisture contents in the seeds of Panicum maximum, cultivars 'Massai' and 'Mombaca', were lower in those harvested by ground sweeping (9.79 and 9.89%, respectively), while seeds harvested by direct heading showed levels of 10.21 and 10.31%, respectively.
maximum from the same breeding program at Embrapa Beef Cattle were evaluated: A105, A124, A125, A51, A62, A78, B11, B126, B16, B44, B46, B53, B55, B57, B97, C10, C12, C53, C55, DE6, Coloniao, Massai, Mombaca and BRS Zuri.
Y su intento de mostrar rasgos culturales de los massai se queda en una parodia de africano que intenta, siempre de manera primitiva, comunicarse con los sabios blancos.
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Massai, "Preliminary analysis of a high aspect ratio wing with curved planform," in Proceedings of the Associazione Italiana di Aeronautica e Astronautica (AIDAA '09), pp.
Sonia Massai's essay offers a warning about the unreliability of eye-witness report when she considers the afterlife of Sarah Norman and Daniel Goldman's collaborative Merry Wives.
The sharp uptick of Os in the plays from the latter 1590s on corroborates a pattern of literariness for the quartos noted by Peter Blayney, Lukas Erne, and Sonia Massai. Lynne B.
(Ahmed Mokhtar is the managing editor of Al Ahram Al Massai)
In recent years, the work of the German writer Corinne Hofmann (1960-) who wrote Die weisse Massai ("The White Maasai", 1999) about her four-year-long relationship with a Masai man and her stay in 'n manyatta attracted wide attention in Europe.
Massai, a lieutenant of legendary Apache warrior Geronimo is captured and sent to Florida.
[21.] Remorini D, Tavarini S, Degl'Innocenti E, Loreti F, Massai R and L Guidi Effect of rootstocks and harvesting time on the nutritional quality of peel and flesh of peach fruits.