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The 26-year-old victim said that she came to the country on a visit visa late last year and began working at the massage parlour, Emarat Al Youm reported.
The post Raid on massage parlour appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Let us local agree that Thai massage Solicitor "I don't wish to speculate upon what may go on in a Thai massage parlour, but I do trust you will agree that it is not the sort of business we want in the village," Andrew Twambley wrote.
RAWALPINDI -- Rawat police have booked four men and two women in an operation against massage parlours for their alleged involvement in immoral activities.
Rawalpindi -- Rawat police arrested four men and two women in an operation against massage parlours for providing illicit services to clients including students of educational institutions, informed a police spokesman on Friday.
'Police raided the two massage parlours on the same day and they were charged by investigating judges later that day,' he said.
He went to his house and searched for a massage parlour on Facebook.
| Massage parlour madame Linda Miller, and below, her parlour Kitty and Co
No injuries were reported among the 20-odd customers and workers at the massage parlour during the incident.
The court heard he and an accomplice, armed with a metal bar, raided the New Ambassadors massage parlour in the city centre on July 13 last year.
We were invited inside the City Sauna massage parlour in Sheffield, which is run by mum and daughter Kath and Jenny.
AROYAL Marine commando was jailed yesterday for attacking two massage parlour workers because he was unhappy with the service he received.
A man has been arrested for distributing massage parlour cards at a Dubai hotel.
The massage parlour has two branches - in Northenden and Prestwich - with Chelsea spending one day a week in each.