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This item addresses the Massachusetts tax filing requirements for same sex spouses and reveals the complicated road ahead for such spouses residing in that state and the practitioners preparing their taxes.
But I recognize that the purpose of this hearing is not necessarily to detail the economic recovery in Massachusetts or New England more broadly, but to address certain concerns as to the breadth and durability of that recovery.
First, according to the regulation, a corporation that is merely qualified to do business in Massachusetts must file a return with the Commonwealth and pay the excise tax.
Dukakis's long rule in Massachusetts was founded on those twin splits and transitions: first, the Jewish heart-transplant inside his privileged old town and, second, the statewide breakup of the natural Irish hegemony into High Irish and Old Rascal factions, representing divisions of class and district and selves.
com, the leading provider of Massachusetts foreclosure data for investors, real estate professionals and mortgage brokers, released its Full-Year 2006 Massachusetts Market Analysis Report today, with data revealing that foreclosure filings in Massachusetts are at the highest levels in recorded history.
Many practitioners believe that this is an unfair burden and have developed strategies to avoid this entity-level tax, including the use of a Massachusetts Business Trust (MBT).
I am writing in response to your request for Tax Executives Institute's views on the pending Massachusetts initiative entitled "An Act to Require Public Reporting of Corporate Tax Information and Analysis of Certain Tax Expenditures" (which will hereafter be referred to as "the corporate disclosure initiative").
athenahealth assisted medical providers in Massachusetts in averting more than $98.
The rationale for Massachusetts's policy decision was fairly simple: to lower the Massachusetts tax burden of corporations investing in property and personnel in Massachusetts while increasing the burden of out-of-state taxpayers who gain economic advantages in the state without making an investment in property or personnel in the state.
BOSTON -- Massinvestor Publishing is excited to announce the launch of its 2007 Massachusetts Venture Capital and Private Equity Directory, which profiles over 250 Venture Capital and Private Equity firms with offices in Massachusetts.
For the duration of the agreement, Commerce Insurance will enjoy the exclusive right to sell AAA-branded automobile insurance products and the exclusive use of the AAA Emblem for the purpose of marketing its automobile insurance products in AAA SNE's Massachusetts operating territory.
In its third year, the award recognizes companies across Massachusetts for job and facility expansion since January 1, 2005, as well as other factors, including community involvement.
Record Financial Results and Rapid Corporate Expansion Lead BladeLogic to Be Recognized for Its "Outstanding Contribution to the Massachusetts Economy"
BOSTON -- Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications marked its 11th ballot campaign victory with the defeat of Massachusetts ballot Question 1 in Tuesday's election.
Mike Hruby made his statement following the election of Deval Patrick, the first Massachusetts governor elected from the Democratic Party since 1986.
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