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produce on a large scale

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The RAD-Plater uses an EEJA-manufactured Stir Cup[2] and delivers mass-production level plating quality through uniform and bubble-less film thickness and superior filling of deep vias[3].
God-willing, the mass-production line of the new (anti-armor) system will be inaugurated in the new future," Vahidi said, declining to provide details of the new system.
But the Rosens could not convince a major automaker to invest the millions of dollars necessary to take the system from prototype to mass-production level, Castleman said.
Agility-based competition and the mass-production system are like two different games, each with its own rules and strategies for winning.
It is particularly suitable as a low-cost, mass-production approach for producing aluminum composite liners in aluminum engine blocks, piston ring groove reinforcement and dual-alloy aluminum castings.
The mass-production revolution traded the independence of farming for the relative security of factory work.
MEMS products are mostly customized, so mass-production was a key problem for the MEMS industry at one time.
Presently, the firm is building an LED mass-production facility in Shenzhen in Guangdong Province.