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Synonyms for famine

Synonyms for famine

an acute insufficiency

a severe shortage of food (as through crop failure) resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death

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Instead, though malnourishment continues to plague the Third World, mass starvation (which happened even in western nations like Ireland during the last century) has become virtually unknown in recent decades.
Indeed, the many nations, primarily in Africa and Asia, that now rely on food imports would probably face mass starvation regardless of whether they were able to regain or sustain full agricultural production.
The world must act now to end this war and save millions of people from the brink of famine and mass starvation. If the conflict continues, then the enormity of the humanitarian task to try and keep people alive will be mind-boggling.
The United Nations estimates that fighting in Hodeida could inflict mass starvation on as many as 8 million of the country's 28 million Yemenis.
Moreover, Abdulaziz thanked Kuwait for "lending a helping hand to all Iraqis." According to the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, nearly a quarter of a million people face severe malnutrition in the war-torn Iraqi city, as "mass starvation is threatening the lives of around 10,000 people." Since the operation to liberate Mosul began last October, an incessant flow of Kuwaiti food aid has poured into the city.
These clear links can be seen through the DPRKs focus on military and nuclear programmes at the expense of its people; and through its prioritisation of spending on weapons development or its nuclear programme at a time of mass starvation. We cannot consider either human rights or peace and security in isolation.
The theory, widely disseminated by leftist groups, was supported by P R Ehrlich's catastrophic predictions which argued that the world population growth rate was far too high and we had to halt it somehow; otherwise mass starvation would threaten countries like China and India.
The human population is still continuing to grow, well beyond the point that a few decades ago was assumed would end in mass starvation and disaster.
Arman said that instead of implementing the humanitarian agreement Khartoum was "systematically engaging in mass starvation and scorched earth policies, denying food and mobilizing forces." Khartoum has allowed small fact finding missions into South Kordofan but does not want to allow in major international non-governmental organisations after the experience of Darfur and wants instead to distribute aid through local groups, which it selects.
* Africa continues to struggle with mass starvation, yet the world's population keeps on growing, putting the planet's resources under even more pressure
Britain is giving EUR59million in aid as the worst drought in 50 years causes mass starvation in the Horn of africa.
Through the presentation, the LCCI made the point that Pakistan is on the brink of mass starvation as the process to turn it into a desert had begun because of a drastic cut in water availability from 5,000 cubic meters per capita in 1950s to 1000 cubic meter in 2010.
Mass starvation would surely follow, scientists said.
Since Brant feed almost entirely on eelgrass, when the beds died off that winter, there was mass starvation. Our Brant population has never rebounded.
"Put simply, the report is a clarion call for negotiators at Copenhagen to come to the most ambitious international agreement ever negotiated, or continue to accept mass starvation, mass sickness and mass migration on an ever growing scale," Annan said in the statement.