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structure built of stone or brick by a mason

Freemasons collectively

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Neighbor Terry Pearson said he is unconvinced the recommended measures would adequately dampen the noise unless the masonry walls were even higher or included more sound-muffling material.
Cracks in masonry walls can have multiple causes including construction defects or the settling of the foundation.
The repair procedure of the earthquake-damaged masonry wall could be summarized as follows: the broken bricks and mortar were firstly remedied using same strength mortar, but the completely broken bricks need to be replaced using same bricks.
Generally, due to the fact that the thickness and openings ratio of masonry wall at each floor are identical, the stiffness of masonry structural members at each floor is initially the same.
[18] Council BSS, Evaluation of earthquake damaged concrete and masonry wall buildings, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, DC, USA, FEMA 306 edition, 1999.
[30] reported enhanced dynamic performance with increasing thickness of brick masonry wall against blast loading.
The findings of this experimental study show that in order to bridge the opening in masonry walls, strengthening of brick masonry in flexure using CFRP sheets instead of providing R.C beam could be better option keeping in mind the difficulty of pouring concrete in such situation, overall cost of the RC beam and time required for construction.
Out of 61 models in this research, which studied the effect of shear walls, slabs, wall openings and a masonry wall, 56 have the same plan view as the basis for comparison.
These six items are some of the most prominent topics concerning exterior masonry wall maintenance.
When fixing to a solid brick or masonry wall, you need to use the right tools and materials or it will all go horribly wrong.
Testing of compressive strength was done on six different types of masonry wall specimens with two or three specimens per each type.
This masonry wall system is non-toxic and uses recycled materials.
"Old streams tune themselves over time, becoming quieter and more melodic." To amplify its music, back the water feature with a masonry wall. And if outside noise invades the garden, block it with a berm.
n Third,drill into the wall,insert wall plugs if a masonry wall and screw the brackets in place.
The unit can endure 300 pounds of weight and, if the recommended mounting bolts are used, can withstand attempts to detach it from a masonry wall. The unit can mount flush with the ceiling, or it can be wall mounted below ceiling level.