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ML22Q310 has internal flash memory instead of mask ROM and is completely compatible with ML22310.
ACL has been a leading distributor of Samsung and other memory chip products, including DRAM, Flash, SRAM and Mask ROM products for the Hong Kong and Southern China markets since 1991, and has achieved annual sales in excess of one hundred million dollars since 2004.
Technical Specification Summary Part Number TMP92FD28FG/DFG Flash Memory Version TMP92CD28FG/DFG Mask ROM version Internal Bus 32-bit width Power-Supply Voltage External: 3.
is an independent designer, producer and supplier of non-volatile memory products such as Mask ROM, EPROM, Flash, logic and other application-specific integrated circuit products including system-on-a-chip (also named as SOC) solutions.
Utilizing state of the art technology in the cutting edge fabrication facilities, the company offers a wide range of NOR Flash and Mask ROM products across various densities.
Traditional MCUs manufactured with mask ROM methods are limited to one-time programmability.
Though demands to include voice guidance into consumer electronics and home digital appliances have been increasing, because conventional products were mask ROM equipped, the time from placing an order to receiving delivery took long.