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The mountains that have surrounded Sanandaj are: Abider, Koochsar, Sheikh Maroof, Masjed Mirza, Mlakavoo, Charkhlan, and Serajeddin.
Then an agreement worth $3.6bn of investment was signed for the Masjed e-Soleyman Petrochemical Industries Co.
Bijan Alipour said that NISOC plans to renovate oil facilities in Gachsaran, Maroun, Masjed Soleyman and Karoun oil regions over several phases.
*** One Hit Islam's 2nd-Holiest Site In The Hijaz City Of Madina - With The Bomber Detonating Himself Just Out Of The Exit Door Of Masjed Al-Nabawi (The Prophet's Mosque) - Which Killed Four Guards And The Terrorist, A Pakistani
10 July 2016 - 12:33 Abbas Kiarostami Body Headed To Lavasan among Mourning Crowd of Artists Senior Iranian Officials, Directors and Artists and Tens of Thousands of Iranians Participated in Kiarostami's Funeral Ceremony Head of Iran's Cinema Organization Hojatollah Ayoubi, Deputy Culture Minister for Artistic Affairs Ali Moradkhani, member of Islamic City Council of Tehran Ahmad Masjed Jameie, member of the parliament Mohammad Reza Aref together with some senior artists like Asghar Farhadi, Daryoush Farhang, Seifollah Samadian, and Merila Zareie participated in the event.
In 2014 we also secured a major win in Saudi Arabia, where we were selected to supply cables and accessories for the expansion and enhancement of the Mataf area beside Al Masjed Al Haram, in the Holy Site of Mecca.
Corresponding Author: Ali Mahmoodirad, Department of Mathematics, Masjed Soleiman Branch, Islamic Azad University, Masjed- Soleiman, Iran.
"It is these very sacrifices that have made Tunisia a model of democratic transition in the region," also stressed Marzouki as he visited, on Saturday morning the military base in Masjed Issa, Monastir.
* Bidboland I and Masjed Soleyman with capacity of 28.1 MMcm/d
(1) Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Arsanjan Branch; Islamic Azad University, IRAN; (2) Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Masjed soleyman Branch, Islamic Azad University, IRAN; (3) Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Tarbiyat Modares University, Tehran, IRAN; (4) Faculty of Medical Physiology, Medical Science Jondi Shapoor University, Ahvaz, IRAN Email: Received 21.03.2012 / Accepted 10.08.2012
Attached to the petition are two letters addressed to the president from the chief cleric of Delhi's Jamia Masjed, Maulana Syed Ahmad Bukhari, and caretaker of the shrine of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, Syed Mohammad Yamin Hashmi, the report said.
They seized further crossing points along the Nahr e Bughra canal, allowing the Light Dragoons to sweep into the Taliban stronghold of Spin Masjed.
Embassy in Kuwait is located at Al Masjed Al Aqsa Street.
"(Upper) Gotvand Dam and construction of Masjed Soleiman-Lali road by (the Islamic Republic) Ministry of Energy would destroy many historical sites in Lali and Masjed Soleiman", Mojtaba Gahestuni, the spokesman for the Khuzestan's Friends of the Cultural Heritage Association (TARIANA), told Persian news agency CHN.
Bahrain is proud of the fact that not only was oil first discovered in the GCC in the kingdom in Jebel Dukhan on June 1, 1932, just after Masjed Suleiman in Iran and Kirkuk in Iraq, but also the first gas discovery was made in Bahrain in 1948, said Dr Mirza.