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Babylonian god of the sky

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Advances in the morphological characterization of oca, ulluco, mashua, and arracacha Collections.
Field observations and interviews with fishers revealed that large Epinephelus malabaricus of more than 100 cm [L.sub.T] were caught mainly using large hook-and-line, big basket traps, and wooden-planked boats (mashua) equipped with outboard engines.
Chirinos R, Campos D, Arbizu C, Rogez H, Rees JF, Larondelle Y, Noratto G, Cisneros ZL (2007) Effect of genotype maturity stage and post-harvest storage on phenolic compounds, carotenoid content and antioxidant capacity of Andean mashua tubers (Tropaerum tuberosum Ruiz & Pavon) J.
Cassava, ulluco, mashua, and maca--to name but a few--all have amazing characteristics of their own.