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Arabic name for the Middle East

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Doing all this, he ably presents some of the best-selling Arab American novelists such as Diana Abu-Jaber, Mohja Kahf, Laila Halaby, Etel Adnan, Alicia Erian, Randa Jarrar, and Rabih Alameddine, and short-story writers such as Evelyn Shakir, Susan Muaddi Darraj, Frances Khirallah Noble, and Joseph Geha--all of whom have origins in the Mashriq or the Levant, like the majority of the Arab American community in the United States.
The journalist, belonging to Shalobar clan of Bara, was correspondent of Pakistan television and Urdu Daily Mashriq.
The secret 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement carved up the Mashriq (Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine) into areas of British and French control and influence.
Locating feminisms: the collapse of secular and religious discourses in the Mashriq.
Emad Mahgoub, Chairman of Hiram Estates Investments, has had extensive experience with banks and finance institutions in the Middle East, and has worked with Al Mashriq Bank, BNP Paribas, Al Watany Bank of Egypt, and National Societe General Bank.
According to a report carried by our sister publication, daily Mashriq, the 45 lady teachers working in the school suggested to the principal that before assigning them exam duties she had better do some prior consultation with her staff members even if as a democratic exercise.
After moving to Lahore and serving as a sub-editor at the daily Mashriq, he spent 16 years in the Urdu Science Board, initially as research officer and later on as deputy director.
In 2001, he founded the Urmawi Centre for Mashriq Music, named after the Abbassid musician.
Despite this, however, I have endeavored to introduce to the English reading public a considerable number of Arab writers from both the Mashriq and the Maghrib," he stressed.
On the sidelines of the meeting, UNRWA and Zein Al Mashriq signed a strategic partnership agreement to support the international agency's services in Jordan and Palestine.
It will give an overview of contemporary artistic genres in the Arab world, bringing together the works of the Maghreb Arabs of north-west Africa alongside those of the Mashriq eastern Arabs, and will comprise more than 5,000 paintings.
Husnul Amin is a columnist for the Urdu daily Mashriq, and a doctoral candidate in development studies at the Institute of Social Studies at The Hague in the Netherlands.
In the Arab world East and West meet in Egypt which defies categorization and belongs to both the Mashriq (land of the rising sun) and the Maghrib (land of the setting sun), both regions defined in relation to this country has it is the 'beating heart of the Arab world'.
It is just a question of time before the rotten apples, the Murtaad of the Arab Gulf, Syria, of Mashriq and the Maghreb, and of Pakistan, will be smashed under our feet and a united Ummah will be ready to fight the Persians and rip the Shi'ite snake.
It may be wiser, therefore, to continue to speak of, and devise policies towards, the Middle East and North Africa or MENA region, as the World Bank, among others, defines it--a region comprising the Arab states of North Africa, the Mashriq (Levant) and the Arabian Peninsula, as well as Israel and Iran--than to define a far-reaching "Greater" Middle East.