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Arabic name for the Middle East

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Allama Iqbal, shaair-e mashriq, and the great freedom fighter Dulla Bhatti were amongst the personalities who lived here.
They are found mostly in the mashriq, the Eastern half of the Arab world, but some types of similar windows are also found in the maghrib (or the West side of the Arab world).
But what is reprehensible is that when the people of the Mashriq, the Arab Levant, make such criticisms, they fail to recall, even for a moment, the collapse that has blighted their three major centers, Egypt, Iraq, and Syria, which had once received European and modern influence, and internalised it to this or that extent.
The Arab world is well represented with a diverse and unique collection of films from the Maghreb, Mashriq, Gulf, and the Nile Valley to Sudan.
He noted that Gulf Arab states and countries in the Maghreb and Mashriq "are major trade and investment partners for Belgium.
The meeting was attended by Abdullah bin Obaid al-Hinai, acting Head of the Mashriq Department.
Other projects to benefit from the small environmental grants include the From Grot to Green scheme, run by the Handsworth Health and Wellbeing Group, which is organising clean-ups and building and planting planters in the area, as well as the Go Keen, Go Green project, which organised two weeks of recycling awareness sessions in South Asian languages for women attending the Mashriq Challenge Resource Centre in Lozells.
The daily Mashriq is the second largest circulating newspaper, but is not a part of a large newspaper conglomerate like daily Jang and thus expected to be more liberal and focused on local issues.
Colonel Abdul Raheem Shafei'e, Director of the organised crime combat department said that information came in to the department specifying that a 22 year old Eastern European woman was held in a building behind the Mashriq bank building opposite the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Deira, where she was forced into sex.
It may be recalled that few weeks back of the letter,Hizb-e-Wahdat once again, controlled over Bamyan for the period of nearly one month during mid January and February 2001 and the world media declared tremendous political and administrative set back for Taliban who were claiming of 95% occupation of Afghanistan (Daily Mashriq Quetta, Feb 16, 2001) but Taliban forces once again succeeded to subjugate the area on February 18 and in retaliation it carried out Men slaughter and massacre of Hazara nation while most of them were reported skinned(UN report Dec 21,2001)and finally demolition of Buddha carried out for being the most significant historic heritage of Hazara in Afghanistan.
They include Emirates NBD, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Union National Bank, First Gulf Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Mashriq Bank and HSBC.
Finance House will be the ninth institution to sign up to the fund, joining Emirates NBD, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Union National Bank, First Gulf Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Mashriq Bank and HSBC.
Doing all this, he ably presents some of the best-selling Arab American novelists such as Diana Abu-Jaber, Mohja Kahf, Laila Halaby, Etel Adnan, Alicia Erian, Randa Jarrar, and Rabih Alameddine, and short-story writers such as Evelyn Shakir, Susan Muaddi Darraj, Frances Khirallah Noble, and Joseph Geha--all of whom have origins in the Mashriq or the Levant, like the majority of the Arab American community in the United States.
that the Arabs of the Maghrib and the Mashriq were eager to engage Christendom, despite wars and rivalries, and hoped to establish routes of trade and alliances through treaties and royal marriages.
The journalist, belonging to Shalobar clan of Bara, was correspondent of Pakistan television and Urdu Daily Mashriq.