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Arabic name for the Middle East

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The National Entrepreneurship Competition was sponsored by the Australian Embassy in Amman, Mashrek International School, Prince's Trust International, the British Embassy in Amman, the Project Management Institute in the United States and Oxfam.
322 subjects were examined for the prevalence of both tori in Mashrek International School Hill House Kindergarden and in our clinic.
Lawrence and the peripatetic Gertrude Bell, to redraw the map of the Levant (to Arabs, the Mashrek) in order to make the region more responsive to the perceived geopolitical interests of imperial Britain.
Egypt will also return in force to the politics of the Mashrek, or the eastern part of the Arab world.
Satellite television and internet communications have undoubtedly succeeded in creating a sense of community, informing Arab societies about each other, ventilating common problems, linking Maghreb to Mashrek. Social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have also played a role in bringing the Arabs together.
The European Council decided otherwise, however, inviting the Mashrek countries to form part of the UfM, which has resulted in the paralysis we are now experiencing.
HC Securities and Investment partnered with Viveris Mashrek to manage a small and medium enterprises (SME) investment fund to be launched by the General Authority for Investment (GAFI), the firm said in a statement.
DAMASCUS, (SANA)_ President Bashar al-Assad, meeting on Wednesday morning with a visiting European Parliament delegation for relations with the Mashrek countries chaired by Mario David, called on the EU for new approaches and policies corresponding to the changes which took place in the region, in bolstering of the European role, asserting that this is the most successful means to enhance peace opportunities in the region.
His comments came at a meeting with the visiting European Parliament's Delegation for Relations with the Mashrek Countries (EPDRMC), headed by chairman of the delegation Mario David, on Wednesday.
It has an entirely different task in international relations, [...] Turkey has a tremendous task in being a federating force in the Mashrek, where it has enormous prestige, as I know from my visits in that area, and also Turkey is responsible for the Caucasian nations of Islamic religion.
Banks like ADCB, Mashrek bank, Dubai Islamic Bank are in huge trouble."
Children of my generation, who grew up in the Mashrek countries in the late 1950s, were denied an encounter, and thus acquaintance, with their Islamic heritage (and the Islamic heritage is as much that of Christian Arabs as of Muslim Arabs) because our access to museums and libraries was limited.
345-355; Mohammad El-Sayed Selim, "Conceptualisation of Security by Arab Mashrek Countries", Brauch, Security and Environment in the Mediterranean, 2003.