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English poet (1878-1967)

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Masefield said that the relationship between the two sides broke down in July 2008, before the market collapsed, when the authority realized it had been "taken for a ride.
Paul Masefield, the newly appointed Technical Director, KOOH Sports remarked, "Football is a way of life; it connects people like no other sport.
Mr Addison told the court that he believed the chain belonged to Masefield.
This case note discusses one such case decided by the English courts, Masefield AG v Amlin Corporate Member Ltd; The Bunga Melati Dua.
This translation allows Masefield to maintain a consistent translation for samodhana as 'collocation', but this wording is much less readable than Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation of the same words as "just as the footprints of all living beings that walk fit into the footprint of the elephant" (The Connected Discourses of the Buddha, p.
These SAL levels were then linked to a set of rational radiation dose-setting methods that take into account the total microbial population on the product, its distribution and its resistance to radiation," Masefield said.
Prison Service chief Robin Masefield said: "The recognition bestowed on us and the wider Prison Service family today is immensely appreciated.
Peter Masefield and James Gilbert, both known on a personal basis by your editor, both superb raconteurs, fine writers and good company.
Robin Masefield, Director General of the Northern Ireland Prison Service, said: "All deaths in prison custody are to be regretted.
Although a chronicle by British poet laureate Masefield of the joint World War II British-French military "Dynamo" campaign appeared in 1972 based on a 1940 proof, this reprint is based on his 1941 version that he had intended for publication.
George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield are private detectives for the P&O cruise line.
While these three types of ionizing radiation have the same effects on food, there are some differences in how they work, says John Masefield, an executive advisor with Steris/Isomedix Services, Inc.
THE JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2003 LAWRENCE SUMMERS MEMORIAL AWARD * is shared by Larry Goldstein, president of the New York City-based Petroleum Industry Research Foundation, and Sir Charles Masefield, vice chairman of BAE Systems PLC, a UK firm.
During the 1920s John Masefield, the future Poet Laureate, published two novels set in the imaginary Latin American republic of Santa Barbara, Sard Harker (1924) and ODTAA (1926).
Work on the Queen Mary halted in December 1931, and the launch was not until 1934, when the sea-fevered John Masefield wrote an ode for the occasion, entitled 'Job 534' ('I long to see you leaping to the urge', etc.