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an independent group of closely related Chadic languages spoken in the area between the Biu-Mandara and East Chadic languages

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Since its inaugural session in 2011-2012, 672 Jewish young adults from the United States, Canada, England, South Africa and Australia have served as Masa Israel Teaching Fellows.
Without a doubt, MASA Assist has been rapidly growing.
MaSa was established in 2011 to undertake the operations and maintenance of Marafiq's water facilities in Jubail.
Interviews were conducted with producers of masa who sell their products at the commercial centre of Modibo Adama University of Technology (MAUTECH), Yola.
Electing to bat after captain Parvez had called the coin correctly, Al Masa were soon in trouble but some lusty hitting by Murtaza Ali towards the end of the match spared their blushes.
MASA Group and SWORD will be present or represented on three booths at this year's IDEX: with Amper Programas (Booth #11-A27), a Spanish defense integrator specializing in COTS-based tactical Command & Control Information Systems (C2IS); Amper is using SWORD to add Course of Action Analysis (and embedded training) to the list of features already provided by its C2 systems and products; with Systematic (Booth #09-A30), a leader in interoperable Command & Control (C2) solution; MASA and Systematic are jointly promoting the C2 Classroom, which is a combination of two COTS products: SWORD and Systematic's SitaWare Headquarters C2 software solution; with infoTRON (http://www.
The Masa Group of Companies recently participated in Project Qatar 2011 Exhibition for Construction Technology, and Building Materials.
The masa sits in several large plastic bags on my kitchen island--about 80 pounds total.
En cuanto a la composicion corporal tampoco encontramos diferencias en los parametros antropometricos clasicos, si bien los pacientes con ingesta superiores a 35 Kcal/kg tenian mayor porcentaje de masa celular (51[+ o -]7 vs 40,3[+ o -]9 p = 0,001) y de masa muscular (44,9[+ o -] vs 37[+ o -]7 p = 0,018) con mayor PA (5,6 vs 3,9 p = 0,001) y menor intercambio Na/K (1[+ o -]0,2 vs 1,6[+ o -]0,7 p = 0,026).
In his youth, Masa is said to have studied mining engineering at Meige University in Tokyo and continued his engineering schooling at the University of Colorado.
Our Saudi office comprises a team of highly competent professionals, who have been carefully picked and trained to handle the unique demands of our customers in the Kingdom," said Frank Sheu, CEO, Al Masa ITD.
FOLLOWING the acquisition of H2O Countrywide by Masa International, Bairstow Eves has announced it is able to offer a wider range of property destinations.
Take Masa Sushi on Laurel Canyon Boulevard in North Hollywood.
Masa is one of the largest and most prestigious Spanish property companies in Europe.
For an unforgettable night in New York, sushi lovers should try Masa, the new restaurant opened by chef Masa Takayama in the uber-expensive restaurant complex of the Time Warner Building.