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Our forward-looking programs - such as Youth and Registered Apprenticeships - give Marylanders new ways to gain experience and offer alternative pathways to careers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics industries.
Marylanders do not want to see their elected officials locked in the same kind of partisan gridlock that they see in Congress.
While O'Donnell focuses on the Marylanders, his absorbing narrative takes readers into the larger story of the Revolutionary War itself.
Vincent DeMarco, president of the Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence campaign group, hailed the new law, and called for other states to enact similar legislation.
Karin Quimby, deputy faith director of Marylanders for Marriage Equality, called the passage of same-sex marriage in three states--and the voters' rejection of a same-sex marriage ban in Minnesota--"a real tipping point" in the pursuit of equality.
A Marylanders for Marriage Equality spokesperson, Kevin Nix, said the organization would be pressing its case in black communities.
Five months into a court order requiring the state to speed up delivery of food stamps and medical benefits to low-income residents, Department of Human Resources officials say more Marylanders are getting those services at a quicker pace.
The expansion will enable the college to train up to 200 low-income, unemployed or underemployed Marylanders for work in the growing field of energy efficiency.
First, Marylanders say they are not familiar with various school choice ideas and reforms.
Tests are prone to scoring errors, adds Susan Allison, coordinator of Marylanders Against High Stakes Testing.
Only one in five elite Marylanders contracted debts during their lifetimes that forced the selling of land or slaves.
Slicing through two states, it's the envy of both Marylanders and Virginians, who still carry on a century-old legal battle over which state can have "control" of the river.
The other is to educate Marylanders about the checkerspot and its plight.