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any of various tropical American plants of the genus Tagetes widely cultivated for their showy yellow or orange flowers

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You can't believe the interest there is - I've been spending all afternoon responding to e-mails about them,'' Marygold said Friday, as she took the day off work as a nurse in East Los Angeles in expectation of an alpaca birth in her front yard.
50) For a summary of the arguments, see generally Marygold S.
The City of Rialto has notified Marygold Mutual Water Company, which serves 1,000 homes and the Kaiser Permanente hospital, that its water supply may be cut back substantially or interrupted.
Praise for Bentley Apprentice Harry Bentley continues to make an impact and he again earned plaudits following a tactically contrasting double on sprinters Marygold and Maze.
Sting in tail for Turner HAYLEY TURNER, who is playing second fiddle to Gannon as leading woman rider this season, will miss the first day of Newmarket's July festival after picking up a three-day careless riding ban (July 5-7) on first-race winner Marygold.
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