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a resort town in east central Florida

the capital of Victoria state and 2nd largest Australian city

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3) Quoted from Graeme Davison, The Rise and Fall of Marvellous Melbourne (Melbourne, 1978), p.
Asa Briggs, Victorian Cities (Harmondsworth, 1968), 294, 305; Graeme Davison, The Rise and Fall of Marvellous Melbourne, 2nd ed.
There remained a 'marriage problem' for both the respectable and the poor, and one of the key themes of Graeme Davison's Rise and Fall of Marvellous Melbourne was the anxiety of the pioneer generation over the future prospects--and character--of the second generation: 'what is to become of our sons (and by implication, daughters)?
I'm hoping England keeps its cool in the heat of the Boxing Day Test in marvellous Melbourne.
AMONG MUCH else in the State Library's Coppin Collection are broadsheets advertising plays coming to Marvellous Melbourne and programmes printed after the plays had arrived.