Marburg virus

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a filovirus that causes Marburg disease

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Marv herself can attest to this because having just given birth recently, she was experiencing major hairfall due to hormonal imbalance.
Marv inserted the needles one by one along Cheddar's back and in her paws.
We obtained independent confirmation from duplicate whole blood and serum samples by using RT-PCR primers and probes targeting MARV VP40 gene and a commercial filovirus PCR screening assay (Altona Diagnostics, Hamburg, Germany) (9) (Table).
The engine was complete when Marv got it from Morris' estate, but worn.
As Marv, Gandolfini points toward a place he might have staked out in crime films had he lived longer: We see the characters who are far from the center of power, men who've missed opportunities real or imagined but are desperate enough to make a final play.
The third and longest chapter sees muscle-headed Marv teaming up with the troubled photographer Dwight, Josh Brolin replacing Clive Owen from the 2005 original Sin City.
Their plan centered on the MARV RNA genome that encodes for seven structural proteins, two of which are accountable for replicating the genome.
We began with a topical exploration of the new investment ideas, approaches, and products the Top 40 might be using in their portfolio management, but Marv quickly concluded that beyond the increased granularity in products, which permits increased customization, and the enhancements in technology, there really are no new killer apps.
Early convalescent serum collected on January 14 (10 days after illness onset) was submitted to CDC for testing and demonstrated no evidence of MARV infection by virus isolation, antigen-detection enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), or anti-MARV immunoglobulin M (IgM) and IgG ELISA.
Marv Rexius didn't take up running until he was in his 40s, but he made up for lost time, becoming a masters competitor and running more than 30 marathons, his nephew said.
Marv Clyncke's first DVD, Bow Hunting Alaska: A Traditional Bowhunter's How-to Guide, gives you the unique opportunity to join this traditional bowhunting expert as he prepares for an Alaskan caribou hunt.
Aeroplane engineer Marv Parsons and partner Niki Watson were looking for a home they could renovate - but ended up on a flight of fancy.
Marv earned his BS and PhD degrees from the University of Kansas, receiving his doctorate in organic chemistry in 1955.
McKeever headed the Trojan Football Alumni Club and, with former coach Marv Goux, became close friends with Carroll shortly after USC hired him in 2001.
Susan's favorite headline, however, ran in the New York Post after Marv Albert was fired shortly after reports he was a cross-dresser.