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Italian pope from 1417 to 1431 whose election as pope ended the Great Schism (1368-1431)

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Martin V (1417-31), however, was the pope who more than any of his predecessors gave voice to the principle of toleration, and in a language often infused with a spirit of humanity.(49) In response to the request of spokesmen for Italian Jewish communities, he issued a proclamation on 31 January 1419 that opened with the words of Gregory the Great: Sicut Judeis.
This bull, issued in response to the requests of Jewish envoys, contained promises of protection going beyond even those embodied in the 1422 bull of Martin V.(63)
The principal one of these, Super gregem Dominicum, was granted in response again to the desires of Castile, but in the text itself Eugenius admits that it constituted a reversal of a policy applied universally by Martin V and earlier popes, and indeed by Eugenius himself.(66)
The bull concluded with an express revocation of all privileges granted to Jews and Saracens, whether by the present pope, by Martin V, or by any of their predecessors.(68)
During the earlier years of his pontificate Eugenius does not seem to have been ill-disposed to them, but the new bull cancelled all their considerable privileges and reintroduced most of the civil disabilities decreed by the Spanish (anti-) pope Benedict XIII.(69) Moreover, on 19 June 1443, in a bull that was not limited to Castile but universally applicable, Eugenius specifically revoked Martin V's Sicut Judeis of 20 February 1422.(70) It is clear that the years 1441-43 were marked by a general reversal of papal policy toward the Jews.