Martin Luther King Day

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observed on the Monday closest to January 15

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Wall Street returned in a cautious mood after Monday's holiday to >celebrate Martin Luther King Day
For better and, originally, for worse, Martin Luther King Day has a particular resonance at the Jesuits' College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass.
New York financial markets were closed Monday for the Martin Luther King Day holiday.
US stock markets were closed for Martin Luther King Day
Fleet Readiness Center East's Aviation Support Detachment onboard Naval Air Station JRB Willow Grove, together with the children of the Drueding Center/Project Rainbow celebrated the 15th annual greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service.
In a January 19 interview on The Young Turks Internet news program the day after Martin Luther King Day, he said of King: "We've transformed him into kind of a cut-leaf figure, someone who had a dream and spoke these magnificent words, but we don't remember the King who was the critic of capitalism who said to Charles Fager when they were in jail together in Selma in 1965 that he thought a modified form of socialism would be the best system for the United States.
Those plans, which focused on the message that there is still a local option ready to help, included creating Barnes Bank customer specials of $75 and $100, respectively, for new personal checking and business accounts opened; offering a five-year in-house mortgage special rate of 4.99% and seven-year in-house mortgage rate of 5.74%; opening branches on Martin Luther King Day; leasing office space across the street from Barnes Bank to open accounts; handing out flyers in the Barnes Bank parking lot; and having a team of staffers go door-to-door talking to locals.
A high-profile concert - with performances from Bono, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder on Sunday gave way to a series of community events yesterday, coinciding with Martin Luther King Day.
Roberts learned about civic leadership at an early age--marching side by side with his father in Martin Luther King Day parades to City Park and to a statue of Martin Luther King Jr., in part paid for by his father, who took out a second mortgage on the family home to help pay for it.
Martin Luther King Day was established as a National Holiday in the United States 1986.
markets were off for Martin Luther King Day, the world numbers were dismal after last week's U.S.
It wouldn't be Martin Luther King Day without some kind of racial dialogue, but the tiff between Democratic Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is especially instructive and ironic.
Join PBS' Nightly Business Report for "American Dreamers, a special Martin Luther King Day special on the trials and triumphs of minority entrepreneurs.
If everything went smoothly over the Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend, CAA should open for business on Jan.
* Martin Luther King Day: African-American Heritage Program Series.
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