Martin Luther

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German theologian who led the Reformation


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Martin Luther was a bulldog of a defender, going head-to-head with the established church and her officials.
"Martin Luther items don't come to auction often, and this is in incredibly great shape for a 500-year-old letter," said Robert Livingston, RR's executive vice president.
This year marks 50 years since Martin Luther King was assassinated.
It has been organised by St Thomas' and the Martin Luther King Peace Committee comprising the Christian chaplains at Newcastle's two universities and other figures from across the city and region.
Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves; Martin Luther King gave them their respect.
This sustained engagement with both thus presents a more nuanced and complete account of Martin Luther's lifelong evolution as the instigator of a movement and founder of a church than has heretofore been available.
Told in a graphic novel format, "Renegade: Martin Luther" is the story of Martin Luther's personal battles with disillusionment and doubt culminate in a cry for freedom during a time of rampant corruption and superstition within the Roman Catholic Church.
Offering a chance to visit key places connected to Martin Luther, "Martin Luther's Travel Guide: 500 Years of the 95 Theses: On the Trail of the Reformation in Germany" by Ms.
Martin Luther King | 1965: Nearly 25,000 people joined Dr Martin Luther King on the steps of the state capital of Montgomery, Alabama, to highlight black grievances.
TYNESIDE Cinema is putting on a series of free screenings of a BBC Newcastle special half-hour documentary about Martin Luther King's visit to Tyneside in 1967 in conjunction with the release of the film Selma.
The Albert Dock's Martin Luther King Jr building - which is the former city headquarters of Granada TV - held an inaugural lecture for the Liverpool Centre for the Study of International Slavery.
21 ( ANI ): Google reportedly came up with a peaceful rendition on Martin Luther King Jr.
Much has been written about the alliance between Jews and African Americans during the civil rights movementthe rabbis who participated in the March on Washington, for example, and Joachim Prinz, the Newark rabbi and close confidante of Martin Luther King.
Presentation Poet Richard Blanco, the fifth inaugural poet of the United States, will present "Journey to the Podium,'' in celebration of Martin Luther King Day, 4 p.m.
Fifty years ago, under the cold eyes of a Washington monument to Abraham Lincoln, civil rights leader Martin Luther King had a dream -- that one day, black and white will live as one, united and undivided by hateful race laws and segregation.
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