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a circular masonry fort for coastal defence

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Entertainment, surprises and a tour of the fabulous decors on the Martello tower roof where bewitching scenes await you.
History Martello Towers were built as defences in the 19th century
OWeOd always thought it would be marvellous to live in one of the Martello towers,O says Janine.
As a Cinque Port Hythe was the first defense against a sea invasion in this most vulnerable part of England, becoming a full-fledged military town with a school for musketeers and Martello Towers added in the times of Napoleon.
Asone of the ancient Cinque Ports, Hythe is dotted with historic sights ranging from Roman remains to Martello Towers and Second World War barracks.
The entries cover all those things one is assumed to know such as the meaning of enclosures, advowsons, ridings, militia, saints' days, window tax, ossuaries, heraldry (one of the author's main interests), Martello towers, glebe, boroughs and so on and on.
Afterwards, skilled stonemasons painstakingly surrounded it with a decorative outer wall that is said to resemble the old Martello Towers of England (a line of small, defensive, coastal forts built at the time of the Napoleonic Wars).
But others may not be so: there is a long history of round nautical buildings from lighthouses to the Martello towers built to fend off Napoleon's fleets.
THERE has not been quite so much panic about the possibility of a French invasion since we built the Martello towers on the South Coast; `Frenchified' persons got mobbed on the street; and the good citizens of a north-eastern town which shall remain nameless reputedly hanged a monkey on the grounds that since it could not speak English, it must obviously be one of Bonaparte's spies.
The event that precipitated the building of the Martello towers was known at the 'Oregon crisis', which began in that state but soon spread to other parts of America as well.
It includes areas of great heritage: from the supposed landing site of Caesar at Walmer to embarkation points on the River Stour at Richborough used by soldiers and horses in the First World War; and from Napoleonic Martello towers dotted along the coast near Dymchurch to extensive Second World War defences at Dover, such as Winston Churchills tunnels inside the cliffs at Fan Bay.
The company, which is based in The Toffee Factory, used gaming technology to create a virtual model of the historic Martello Towers, enabling anyone anywhere in the world to see what the inside of the structures were like both when first built and during World War II.
It is dotted with Martello towers built to counter Napoleon and bunkers built by the Germans during the Second World War occupation.
What was the purpose of the martello towers which were built along England's south coast?
ANSWERS: 1 It provides our sense of balance; 2 A planchette; 3 Man - as a baby, an adult and an old person with a stick; 4 Martin Luther King Jr; 5 Thomas Cook; 6 B&O; 7 A Soviet labour camp; 8 Oxer; 9 Avis car rentals; 10 Martello towers.