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mammals of which the females have a pouch (the marsupium) containing the teats where the young are fed and carried

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That's on a quoll speedway (with protective rubber in the potential marsupial crash zone) custom built with an adjustable bend.
Brett Howland, a researcher from ANU, said that the large number of the marsupials could affect and destroy the habitats of the striped legless lizards.
The Cambridges took their eightmonth-old son to Sydney's Taronga zoo to meet a bilby - a rabbit-like marsupial - named after the royal infant.
According to the study, female marsupials accumulate "fitness benefits" by timing peak energy demands of reproduction to coincide with maximum food abundance.
It is thought that the animal in question may be Billy, a mischievous marsupial who escaped from a farm in 2010 before being recaptured.
KANGAROOS are a member of the marsupial class of mammals.
In addition to continuing to investigate the similarities and differences between rodents and marsupials, the team is also using these insights from biological whisker sensing to develop animal-like robots that can use artificial whiskers to navigate without vision.
Presence of heterogeneous copies of the small subunit rRNA gene in Cryptosporidium parvum human and marsupial genotypes and Cryptosporidium felis.
But marsupials such as kangaroos and possums, whose young develop in a pouch instead of a womb, have relative brain sizes as big as those of other mammals despite slower metabolic rates.
Mary has been breeding the marsupials at her home in West Sussex for more than a decade.
Were some dinosaurs marsupials, like kangaroos and koalas?
Marsupials are famous for their unusual baby buggies: Mom frequently totes her infants around in a built-in pouch on her belly called a marsupium.
We did get a backstage tour of the zoo and got to see some of the marsupials they reared there," Bell said.
Animal welfare groups and commercial animal dealers have offered to catch the 60 marsupials and find them new homes.
Marsupials are mammals whose babies are born in an embryonic state.