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Canadian writer noted for his analyses of the mass media (1911-1980)

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By this time, Marshall McLuhan was 35 years old and the very embodiment of Elsie McLuhan's appetite for things intellectual--and for the center of the stage.
To say that Marshall McLuhan was incidentally a Christian, or that his Catholicism was just part of his private life, is like saying that Karl Marx was only incidentally a Marxist.
I have no doubt that this volume of essays has succeeded in showing the broad and far-reaching impact of the thoughts, writings, and life of Marshall McLuhan, one of the most influential intellectuals of the 20th century.
The scene has left an indelible impression upon Marshall McLuhan and Woody Allen fans alike.
It was Marshall McLuhan, one of my heroes (is he one of yours?
In the 1960s, Marshall McLuhan made his famous aphorism that 'the medium is the message'.
Burroughs, Robert Rauschenberg, Marshall McLuhan, the Beatles, David Byrne, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.
What did Marshall McLuhan contribute to Media Ecology?
But rather like Marshall McLuhan is commonly misperceived as celebrating a media-drenched culture which, in fact, he abhorred and warned us against, so Orwell is often regarded by those who haven't bothered reading him as a cross between Machiavelli and Stephen King; as some dour fantasist who took perverse delight in imagining the horrors of tyrannical states.
As Canadian media guru Marshall McLuhan so famously said "the medium is the message," and the medium knows no boundaries--it is stateless, it is global and it is all pervasive.
While studying at the University of Toronto with Professor Marshall McLuhan, Thall became a McLuhan protege and served as President of the Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications from 1990 - 1995.
Other subjects are second-wave feminist literature among Baby Boomers, the rise of minority literature, and Marshall McLuhan and the making of a countercultural generation.
3) Marshall McLuhan emphasizes that technologies are
Specific topics include the historical construction of music in terms of novelty across different media; the history of mobile television, continuities in communication from the 18th century Republic of Letters to contemporary scholarship, "implied" neuroscience in the work of Marshall McLuhan as it relates to grand narratives in media history, the reception of digital radio in Europe, analogies between pneumatic tube networks and other networked communication, the history of the telephone and its relation to other media practices, and Web historiography and the emergence of new archival forms.
Richard Cavell's McLuhan in Space makes a unique contribution to the revival of Marshall McLuhan that has taken place over the past decade.
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