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an inland sea in northwestern Turkey

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Arthur's mother tried to stop him from going on his last journey aboard the HMS Marmora from Briton Ferry.
Marmora Road in East Dulwich is known in the capital for its royal festivities.
During their visit to the city the SMIU delegation also visited Marmora Sea, Old Galata Wall and Astiklal Street, which is the busiest street of Istanbul.
Unitaid's Executive Director, Lelio Marmora said: 'We now have a formidable weapon in our armoury that has the potential, once fully deployed, to sharply reduce the number of children under five succumbing to severe malaria.'
Sturdy Savings Bank has said that it is to open a new location in Marmora, New Jersey.
The brainchild of the establishment's popular owner Freddie Tulloch, whose parents owned 1985 Hennessy hero Galway Blaze, the club is a unique way of getting people involved in racing in a baby-steps manner, perhaps with the odd glass of Marmora Cannonau di Sardegna on the way.
La mayor produccion de conocimiento de este tipo de estudios en la region esta referida a la medicion de la movilidad y emigracion de profesionales y de cientificos (Marmora, 1998; Pelegrino 1998; Vessuri, 1998; Zlotnik 1998; Lema 2000; Salt y Clark 2000; Mantell, 2002; Meyer 2003; Sanchez-R y Masey 2014; Requena y Caputo, 2016).
Products from Kebir Sut can be found in 65 Turkish towns and cities - in the regions around the Sea of Marmora and the Aegean, in Central Anatolya and throughout the region surrounding the Black Sea.
Desde el primer punto de vista, esto es, el de la incorporacion de los derechos humanos a la gestion migratoria, estos constituyen una dimension etica (Marmora 2002 [1997]), un elemento de rebalanceo (Bruch 2007) o, directamente, un eslabon perdido (Ghosh 2008) en las politicas migratorias.