Sea of Marmara

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an inland sea in northwestern Turkey

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In 2016, Marmara region met 48.8% of its cattle demand and Aegean region met 26.40% of its cattle demand from the Northeastern region.
Overall, it can be seen that Marmara Region (Region 1) tend to have best safety records.
The Marmara region is known as the region that accepts immigrants at the highest rate in Turkey (15, 16).
Istanbul, [Turkey] August 18 ( ANI ): Bogazici University's Kandilli Observatory in Turkey said an earthquake larger than magnitude 7 is expected to hit country's Marmara region in the near future.
The bleeding scores of patients were similar in the Central Anatolia, Aegean and Marmara regions (Table 4).
In the same study, the depressions influential in the Mediterranean basin caused by air mases that are effective in the precipitation variability, lead to higher amounts of precipitation in the Marmara Region in Winter.
Further, she was to urge every visitor to take a five-minute walk from the gallery's Charing Cross Road location to the British Museum in Bloomsbury (and, when possible, to accompany them) to view Triumph of Orthodoxy, a fifteenth-century portable icon from the Marmara region in northwest Turkey.
The gas output is linked by pipeline to the Turkish market in and around the Marmara region and some of the suburbs of Istanbul.
Distribution of the children with low vision included in the study based on the locations of their birth and residence Characteristic Number Percent Place of birth Ankara 45 30.0 Outside Ankara 105 70.0 Current location of residence Ankara 52 34.7 Outside Ankara Central Anatolia Region 22 14.6 Black Sea Region 21 14.0 Mediterranean Region 16 10.7 Marmara Region 14 9.3 Southeastern Anatolia Region 10 6.7 Eastern Anatolia Region 8 5.3 Aegean Region 7 4.7 Total 150 100.0 Table 2.
The Northern Forests, which are a source of life particularly for ystanbul and the Marmara region, are whetting the appetite of government officials, as well as their inner-circle cronies.
Ankara buys nearly 60 per cent of its total gas needs — around 27 billion cubic meters (bcm) — from Russia via two main pipelines, which enter Turkey through the Marmara region, the country's industrial hub which includes Istanbul, its biggest city, and the most sensitive area to any disruption in supply.
Olivia project is a residential development situated in Bursa, one of the largest cities in Turkey, located in northwestern Anatolia, within the Marmara region.
Nogay and Yorganci (1984) found WMV in 142 of 262 samples tested in Marmara region. Citir et al.
Presently, it is being observed that Marmara region in Turkey accounts for a majority of the country's tyre demand.
Turyag is based in Balikesir, in the Marmara region. The company is a producer of liquid oils, margarines, industrial oils and pastry oils.