Sea of Marmara

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an inland sea in northwestern Turkey

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We left our country three years ago with Greece being our first destination, reaching the Aegean Sea, Marmara Sea, and the Turkish capital of Istanbul.
According to a spokeswoman for the airline, the incident is thought to have been caused by a suspected bird strike over the Marmara Sea, shortly after take off.
Concurrently, Turkey has two LNG terminals, one in the Marmara Sea close to Istanbul and another in Izmir, supplied by a variety of companies from Algeria, Nigeria, Guinea, and Qatar.
from the Black Sea and it was closed flowed by boats from sea police and coast guard teams until the Marmara Sea. The ship will reach Aegean Sea after crossing the Dardanelles Strait.
The line includes a 17km-long offshore section beneath the Marmara Sea and is about 300 km long, of which 209 km are within Turkey.
Tuzla Shipyard is located in the Marmara Sea area on the Southeast coasts of Istanbul and it is the receptor of multiple industrial activities such as metal works, port activities and urban wastewaters (Okay et al., 2014; Kayhan et al., 2015; Balkis et al., 2012; Taskin et al., 2011).
Bursa is Turkey's fourth-largest city, an industrial hub directly south of Istanbul across the Marmara Sea. While not one of the country's biggest tourist destinations, it draws some foreign visitors with its Ottoman-era architecture.
Kumport is the third largest container terminal in Turkey and is located to the north west of the Marmara Sea, on the European side of Istanbul.
Commenting on the figures, Diana Do?an, head of research at CBRE Turkey, said: "In the second-home holiday market, there has been a significant increase in private investors in the residential sector from the Middle East with activity firmly focused in the country's northwest, particularly the Marmara Sea and Black Sea regions, as well as Istanbul, Bursa, and Yalova.
But it was the Robert Maersk that ended up taking the honors as it called to discharge approximately 30000mt of ultra-low sulfur diesel ULSD at the Marmara Ereglisi Oil terminal on the north shore of the Marmara Sea last Wednesday (4th March) with events commemorated onboard by a presentation ceremony to Captain Claus Madsen by ISS Turkey.
The statement came after an HDP delegation met with PKK rebels for talks at their base in the Kandil Mountains in Iraq on February 23 and met Ocalan himself on his prison island of Imrali on the Marmara Sea on Friday.
The delegation -- consisting of MPs Idris Baluken, Pervin Buldan and Sirri Sureyya Onder -- would then meet Ocalan himself for talks on his prison island of Imrali on the Marmara Sea on October 21.