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English poet and playwright who introduced blank verse as a form of dramatic expression

tough cynical detective (one of the early detective heroes in American fiction) created by Raymond Chandler

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For the year ended March, Marlowe generated GBP2.0 million in pretax profit on revenue of GBP128.5 million.
The particulars of Marlowe's life may never be untangled.
Marlowe was formed to create sustainable shareholder value through the acquisition and development of businesses that provide critical testing and maintenance services in the UK.
In scholarly work, belonging can often be applied in vague and uncritical ways, but Marlowe avoids this by identifying three aspects that need to be taken into account when considering how (and whether) people experience belonging in contexts of refugee settlement: social locations; identifications and emotional attachments; and ethical and political value systems.
Venetico's caliber to Marlowe," said Scott Rowe, Huntley 158 incoming superintendent.
It is in this context that Marlowe's plays become especially interesting.
The group reached the decision to credit Marlowe after examining multiple peer-reviewed studies researching the theory.
Christopher Marlowe's 'Ovidian poetics' is the subject of Marlowe's Ovid, with M.
Marlowe's prior affiliations include serving as vice president of the National Alumni Board for the University of Dallas and as co-chair of Catholic Pro-Life Charity.
This record, even when augmented, never indicates of course whether Marlowe struggled to form these friendships, or whether he valued them as much as Nashe and Blunt did.
Marlowe's wonderful punning on "Venus nun," suggesting that Hero is "Venus none," epitomizes the quandary at the crux of translation.
Booker Prize-winner John Banville writes under his crime pen name Benjamin Black here, in a 1950s pulp crime throwback of Raymond Chandler's iconic private detective Philip Marlowe.
This article, however, joins recent scholarship that locates a utopian impulse in the genre with a study of family in Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe novels.
Sarasota, FL, October 27, 2013 --( Realtor Eric Griffith of Kathy Marlowe & Associates Realty recently completed the luxury home marketing training course offered by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.
Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe: The Hard-Boiled Detective Transformed.