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a Markov process for which the parameter is discrete time values

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One of the assumptions in Markov analysis is that the probabilities in the state transition matrix are constant for all time.
The heart of this volume consists of the presentation of 22 of the most commonly used hazard analysis methodologies in system safety, including functional hazard analysis, health hazard assessment, failure mode and effects analysis, Markov analysis, operating and support hazard analysis, software safety assessment, and sneak circuit analysis, along with illustrations and examples.
A Markov analysis of a counseling process begins by identifying events of interest (states) that are of concern to the researcher or researchers.
"Modern" topics include an examination of various premium principles relevant to insurance (Chapter 5) and bonus-malus systems using Markov analysis, as used in certain automobile insurance plans (Chapter 6).
Then, based on the calculated probabilities that students would transition between these strategy types over time, hidden chain Markov analysis allowed two objectives to be accomplished.
This article will demonstrate the use of holonic modelling in the context of HRP showing how the power of Markov chain analysis can be implemented by decision makers who lack the mathematical abilities needed to apply Markov analysis. Indeed, this approach can be expanded to produce a richer and more flexible model, eliminating many of the limitations inherent within Markov type models.
To compare the performance of the existing patient flow system with the proposed strategy, Markov analysis and simulation were used.
One method of determining this involves the use of Markov analysis.