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a (usually small) town where a public market is held at stated times

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While the funding made available through the Market Towns Initiative may well be important in pump-priming retail projects, new retail ventures will only survive and prosper if they are able to attract and retain sufficient new customers, and thus to ensure long-term viability and profitability.
FERRYHILL in County Durham was named as England's least expensive market town, with an average house price of PS84,018.
Action for Market Towns makes some obvious observations about the problems which we all acknowledge; some of the solutions they suggest could work in a thriving economy but we are currently in crisis - real crisis.
She believes programme makers should consider launching a campaign to save market towns like Guisborough, Thirsk and Malton - as she's aware they are struggling to survive.
Chief executive David Lodge said: "Both Morpeth and Hexham already have distinctive identities as attractive Northumberland market towns.
Jonathan de Mello, director of retail consultancy, said the loss of large chains such as Woolworths would leave a significant gap in small market towns and could have a knock on effect.
The Halifax bank, which analysed the price of property in 112 English market towns, said the cost of a home had at least doubled in all but four of the towns since 1995.
The Halifax, which analysed the prices in 112 market towns, said the cost of a home had at least doubled in all but four of the towns since 1995.
How can we help market towns build an alternative vision which incorporates work opportunities for the early retired; creates mentoring opportunities through which older people may assist the young into work or their own business; captures the experience of older people in volunteering and civic roles; and offers business advice which helps build or expand a business around the needs of older people?
PEOPLE in a market town where traders have fought a free parking campaign in Northumberland are to be consulted on the issue.
Charity Action for Market Towns (AMT) has urged planners to think carefully before giving the green light to supermarkets.
House price growth has been faster in many market towns, with just over half of the 112 towns recording price rises of more than the 55 per cent seen across England as a whole over five years.
DEMAND for commercial premises from professionals looking for a better quality of life in market towns is driving a pounds 2m business park development, which could create up to 130 jobs.
A record 115,000 people a year are moving out of cities across the UK and into market towns to find a better life in the countryside.
The Market Towns award for the Midlands was presented to Lorna Dirveiks, secretary of the Friends of Atherstone Heritage.