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an officer of a corporation or others who have access to private information about the corporation's operations

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5) Our tests are based on the sample of 146 open market insider purchases that occur in years that the insider has an outstanding loan to buy stock.
Former Lloyd's chairman, Sir David Rowland, had set an opening date of January 1 next year, but market insiders said that was no longer feasible.
As a result, this partial adjustment phenomenon must be controlled for when testing for a relation between underpricing and the likelihood of a seasoned offering or open market insider sale.
As Win8 has not boosted NB sales sizably, a market insider estimated that NB shipments by contract makers have passed the peak, ending the NB high-season earlier than expected.
A market insider noted that with sales driven by release of Win 8 in the end of October, NB makers witnessed shipments up 25% MoM in September, however, still lower than the expected 32%.
A market insider says iPhone5 connectors and connecting wires are 80% more expensive than previous models, which, along with growing shipments, will see iPhone5s bring sizable gains for Cheng Uei.
Manufacturing Market Insider, a newsletter specializing in the EMS (electronics manufacturing services) industry, has released its annual MMI Top 50(TM) list of the world's largest EMS providers.
A market insider says most of Taiwanese tire makers with production bases on both sides of Taiwan Strait, and will respond accordingly to the agreement expiry, by focusing on high value-added products in plants in Taiwan and improving quality and brand recognition to raise market share.
It could have been worse," said John Tuck, editor and publisher of Manufacturing Market Insider.
Coinciding with the change in corporate identity, KeyTronicEMS is included in the annual Manufacturing Market Insider (MMI) Top 50 EMS providers.
Since an extension of the maturity of repurchase agreements on government securities will give securities houses and other financial institutions ''greater fund-raising leeway, it will help short-term market interest rates fall by generating arbitration effects,'' a market insider said.
New York - The Dow and S&P 500 finished at records Thursday following mostly strong earnings, while the tech-rich Nasdaq again slipped as market insiders debated whether the rally is losing steam.
But market insiders said the government should remain more than careful before rashly intervening, because it might slow development of the digital currency and its backbone blockchain technology.
HOUSE price growth in Wales is forecast to be stronger than elsewhere in the UK according to market insiders.
Market insiders told the publication that the job cuts were to reduce fixed costs at a time when LG needs to increase profit.